What role do the plants play in interior design?

Plants are an essential part of the interior design ecosystem

Plants have always functioned as organic decorative objects present in interior design throughout their history. In the same way that works of art, they can be understood as autonomous worlds but essential for interior design. In this sense, for any interior designer is essential to know and have plants that can be adapted to different environments in order to introduce them as constituent elements of an interior design project, like any other furniture or the color of the walls.

The truth is that plants are one of the elements that best serve the purpose of recreating living, organic, fresh, and colorful spaces. Literally, they add life to any space. From purifying the air to increasing the vital energy of the home with obvious visual and emotional benefits. In short, plants have a fundamental role in the ecosystem of the interior design of a house.

However, these are not elements that can be arranged in space without taking into account the environmental conditions suitable for their survival. The amount of sun, its ease and temporality of irrigation, the dryness or environmental humidity, and the temperature or the air currents are determining factors that will lead us to have a space that transcends the mere photography.

Therefore, it is necessary to have some knowledge to incorporate the right variety in the right place. Thinking about the final result will not be enough, we should think about its survival and maintenance with a certain responsibility for both a home and a workspace. Home Office.

Highlight the importance and qualities of plants, their organic and vital essence, we believe that it represents very well our way of understanding interior design, in which everything is important and nothing is accessory.

About plants and Feng Shui

We can not say that we are specialists, or that we have it in mind for all our projects, but it is true that Feng Shui, for a few years, has been incorporated into the vocabulary of interior design. In some projects, given the interest of the client, we have taken into account the parameters of Feng Shui to harmonize and create spaces that flow, where the vacuum and the arrangement of the elements are balanced to provide added value to interior design, which always translates in a better quality of life. In this sense, plants meet the essential foundations of Feng Shui: vitality, energy, and aesthetics.

According to this philosophy, the plants are the wood element, whose qualities are adaptability, purity, slow but constant and balanced growth.

Interior design dimensions influenced by plants

  • Aesthetics
  • Emotional
  • Energy
  • Vital
  • Functional

The plants have added functionality to aesthetics marked by their ability to purify the air of the rooms

In which rooms can be incorporated

Its benefits extend to any room in the house, although it is true that in the bedroom it is not advisable to incorporate plants that perform photosynthesis at night since they take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.

That said, when we say plants can be of any kind, from bulbs with flowers to aromatic plants for the kitchen, besides being part of the activities of the house, they collaborate as a visual stimulus.

Plants, a personal joker

With regard to the choice of plants, we believe that this is a very personal decision that must also be guided by a knowledge of the necessary conditions for a good adaptation of the plant to the specific environment in which it is going to be located. . As in any election, taking into account the details is essential so as not to waste time, money and life on options more based on the aesthetic impact than on its durability.

Another option that we can contemplate is to resort to seasonal flowers or fruits and renew them every week. Of course, this strategy requires the development of a taste to compose the scene.
There are also certain plants whose maintenance is very scarce and they manage to survive almost in any circumstance. Put a cactus, but not porcelain … Recreating a small greenhouse is also an option to reproduce the conditions for certain plants in cold or ventilated areas, in that case, the own hood must be integrated into the design proposal inside.

In short, the plants can be incorporated into both a residential and workspace, to help create an interior design where vital and material harmony coexist in homeostatic equilibrium. And that’s what we always look for in each project.

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