Family home in Pedralbes

Family home in Pedralbes

Cozy, familiar, balanced and full of details. A meticulous design articulated from a leading element as a link: sliding doors. We describe the plan of a flat in the upper part of Diagonal, in Barcelona, where Coblonal Interiorismo has taken charge of the comprehensive reform and redesign of this 149 m2 surface, with 2 bathrooms, a suite, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a terrace with views. The result: a space with character, bright, functional and full of synchronicities between the spaces that make it up.


We put on the table the key points to know about the reform that we have carried out. The sliding doors have been the axis on which this project has been based. And it is that we have opted for this element to connect and establish a dialogue between the spaces that make up the apartment.

Thus, we have managed to break the traditional communication scheme between the spaces that make up the apartment, tearing down the walls that divided the rooms, to create a balanced communication between the different units.

Roughly speaking, the apartment has a hall with a large storage area and views of the dining room, a bright kitchen with an integrated area for doing laundry, a dining room with a table to accommodate 8 people, a living room with a sofa in the shape de L, a small reading corner, a terrace with views, three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a multipurpose area.

In short: an equation that results in a harmonious dialogue between rooms established from sliding doors and custom-made furniture that adapts to the particular needs of the client and constitutes a large space that embraces and takes advantage of natural light. We have dressed this whole set in a neutral color palette – with shades of white, sand, beige, brown and greyish tones – that mix with the warm and comfortable color of natural oak wood that governs the chromatic design of the floor.


As soon as we enter, in the hall we find the distinctive element present in all our projects: the Coblonal box, a signature design that, in this case, not only acts to zone the space, but also plays an essential storage role.

This volume, made of natural oak wood, communicates with the dining room, the living room and the terrace through fixed glass and a custom-designed upholstered bench at the bottom. Also, if we look at this volume with a magnifying glass, we see that, in reference to the height, it subtly caresses the ceiling, but does not touch it. In this way, we managed to provide the whole with dynamism and achieve a visual effect that brings air and spaciousness to the design.

We are meticulous, and we like detail. So, following our stylistic line, for this occasion, the Coblonal box also has a small wooden niche and a lamp to leave the keys. All oriented to cover the daily needs of our clients and, thus, ensure convenience, order and comfort in their day to day.


The kitchen stands as an open space that is directly connected to the hall through a large sliding door with black and transparent glass finishes. In this way, we draw a border between both spaces that the client can shape at their convenience. To articulate this space, we have opted for a chromatic combination that combines brown tones, taupes, mink, gray and dark-stained oak wood.

And, in the center of this riot of colours, a singular element: an island with multiple functions with a small area furnished with several stools and designed for breakfast.

A balanced space, complete and endowed with functionality that also has a separate and differentiated area for doing laundry.


Adjacent to the kitchen, we enter the core of this project, divided into two main areas: the living room and the dining room. We have chosen to dress the space with a large wooden table made of natural oak wood that is surrounded by 8 upholstered chairs in stone gray tones. The scene is bathed in light from two lamps suspended from the ceiling that give this unit elegance.

Sharing the stage, an L-shaped sofa is another of the great protagonists that capture attention. This piece of furniture, from the Casadesús brand, appears accompanied by an armchair upholstered in cognac-colored leather. Both elements open the way to an intimate and secluded reading area that invites you to pause.

As in all our designs, a crucial card that Coblonal always plays is authenticity. For this occasion, we wanted to find a distinctive, unique and particular element that would make this unit unique. Thus, we found the needle in the haystack, and one of the volumes of the dining room appears dressed in its best finery: a silk textile wallpaper in blue tones.

This small relaxation area plays a crucial role in the general equation: it acts as a link to link the interior space with the terrace.


Some sand-colored natural linen curtains are responsible for giving way to the next setting: a terrace with views of the city of Barcelona. Following the Coblonal style line, taking maximum care of every detail and developing meticulous design projects, we have chosen to pave the terrace floor with the same material as the kitchen floor, respecting the stylistic line that characterizes this design.

This unit is divided by a duality of spaces. Thus, we have zoned the terrace into two different scenes: one part acts as a dining room, with a table and 4 chairs, and the other we have turned into a space to relax with a good read, surrounded by plants that frame privileged views.


Our clients are a family made up of a married couple and two twenty-something daughters. For this reason, we have sought to materialize two spaces that were in keeping with his youth and vitality.

In this case, we put two options on the table, adapting to the tastes and personalities of each of our young clients: firstly, we proposed a room with greenish chromaticisms that plays with elements, such as the wardrobe or the head of the bed, made with wood and black iron.

In parallel, we proposed a second room in more neutral tones, and we incorporated elements such as an old pink pouf to bring drops of color to the space. Following the tone of the first room, we have also incorporated wooden elements, such as the desk or the wardrobe, made to measure.

The result is obtaining two scenarios that exude joviality, freshness and warmth.


We leave the adventure behind to enter a space that exudes tranquility and relaxation. This is the master suite, endowed with exquisite custom-designed elements – among them a dressing room finished in white – that articulate a warm and comfortable setting.

To dress the room with our own stamp, we chose to play a select deck of cards, and we have combined some natural fiber linen curtains that go well with the warm and earthy wood of the headboard of the bed and the nightstands. Everything as a whole, illuminated by a lamp that hangs from the ceiling and two small lamps that rest on both bedside tables, from the Artemide house.

And as the icing on the cake, we have incorporated another custom-designed piece of furniture into the set that acts as a chest of drawers and shoe rack.


This house has two bathrooms: the one for the girls and the main one for the suite. For the first one, we have combined sand tones with porcelain material resting on a base of hexagonal glazed tiles.

For the main bathroom, we wanted to keep the same tone, but increase the risk in terms of stylistic issues: therefore, our goal was to create a daring bathroom, with character, but which at the same time induces relaxation and becomes the stage ideal for freezing time and making a parenthesis. For this reason, we proposed a design that would combine grayish tones with taps finished in black and custom-made wooden furniture.

A bet that exudes personality and its own stamp, as well as elegance, comfort and well-being.


Another piece of the framework of this project is the multipurpose room, designed to act as a small desk area and which we have equipped with a table and a screen. Even so, this unit has multiple functionalities, because at the same time, we can also convert it into a guest bedroom. At this point, sliding doors play a crucial role, since they can provide privacy and intimacy to the guest who is temporarily staying in this room.

The final result is the creation of a project in which, establishing a dialogue between the Coblonal box and the sliding doors with the different rooms, we have created an original, comfortable and unique space to suit the client.


Photographs by Heidi Cavazos©

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