Vintage air blow for a children’s room

A children’s room is much more than a functional space to sleep and play. And it is that, where adults do not see anything, children project their inner and imaginary world, their recreational space and the oasis of their creativity.
Thus, for a child, a room is synonymous with adventures: treasure chests, trips to the moon or hidden islands that hide in the least thought places.
In short, the space of your room, thanks to the games, becomes a meeting point with your development. A development that is possible with the support of decoration. Or at least we conceive it in Coblonal Interior Design Studio, where we try to adapt the material space to the vital rhythm.
In this sense, a style that is interesting when designing a children’s room is the vintage air. The retro survives today as paradoxically timeless and stimulating elements for both children and adults.
The introduction of vintage pieces on a contemporary basis, reproduces a style where the only staff on which to rely is creativity. Sometimes a single well-placed element will be able to transform the image of the whole.
We offer you some premises to give a vintage style, whether in a more purist or renovated key, to renovate a children’s room.

Keys to achieve a vintage style

We have two ways to face the road, can be achieved by adding small details, or otherwise bet on the all or nothing. Some details that can be added in creativity key, such as this retro air swing in the Interior design and decoration project in Sant Just (Barcelona) that coexists with the illustration on the wall. In this way, a timeless element such as a swing changes its original function, that of the bedside table. In this way, we can recreate a ludic and vintage air with elements that would not have place in a room, reusing them in an original way.

Interior design and decoration project in Sant Just (Barcelona)

These small vintage details fit perfectly on the Nordic inspiration set where white and simple lines prevail. The result is an innovative and timeless, cozy and minimalist decorative proposal.
An example of vintage accents can be a picture with retro pop air. In the case of the lower photo we can see a reproduction of the iconic work of Roy Lichtenstein. The best? The relaxation of this painting without hanging, conforms an air to the room that can last even, adolescence or youth.

Interior design and decoration for home in Barcelona

In this line, giving a retro look on the walls can also be recreated by choosing a wallpaper or a vinyl, such as an old world map. Without greater stridency, your sons and daughters can imagine and trace long trips and adventures from a room.

Integral reform and interior design for functional floor in l’Eixample

Another interesting focus of attention from the decorative point of view are the toys and figures with vintage air. In addition to supporting the decoration, they will be part of the fun and imaginary. More than the concrete pieces, in this case it is the set of the two teddies together with the natural wood of the furniture and the color of the Nani Marquina carpet that we arranged for a tremendous apartment in the valleys of Andorra.

Interior design for apartments in Andorra

Although it might seem paradoxical to introduce vintage elements for the youngest, personification of the future, recreational spaces are achieved and organic ideal for the little ones. In this sense, the use of wood combined with other avant-garde pieces stands out for this juvenile room that we design and produce in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona.

Interior design and reform of a house in Sant Cugat

In short, our formula when adding this style is based on mixing small vintage details with a timeless base of light lines, although we can also use woods and colors and textures to help the effect. As we always defend, in interior design and decoration the rules are only written in the imagination of each person.
We hope these recommendations help you imagine the perfect space of creativity for the little ones. We are at your disposal to complete it and make it a reality.

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