Types of bathrooms and their utilities

The bathroom is one of the main and most used rooms in a house. There are also different types of bathroom depending on the use that we give you: The bathroom of courtesy, shared, complete … That is why, at the time of choosing it you should take into account not only aesthetics, but also comfort and your needs.

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Bathing styles according to use

The use of the bathroom has changed over the years. The daily necessities have made this space not only used for personal hygiene , but has acquired other connotations: A space to relax and take care of oneself, being each time a space more susceptible to aesthetically care with accessories and fabrics, as we would in any other room of the house.

The courtesy bathroom

Another reason that explains a special attention in the bathroom decoration is the reception of visitors. If we are continuously receiving visitors, a courtesy bath would be ideal, since it is much easier to have it always in perfect condition than the usual bathroom and thus preserve our privacy. If we are not lucky enough to have a courtesy bath, it would be ideal if our bathroom had a good closed storage space to place all those objects of daily use that are not the concern of the visitors and distort a clean image. ordered. The inclusion of a decorative element such as plants, a sculpture or decorative boats can help to focus attention.

With all that said, if you’re used to receiving guests, opting for a minimalist style in the decoration will make it much easier to order and clean your bathroom, because you will not have many decorative objects No large amount of products to set aside when it comes to keeping the stay clean.

The courtesy bathroom is an opportunity to look for uniqueness and give a reason for comment-positive or surprising-on the part of your visitors. In this sense, we are committed to the inclusion of pieces, materials or colors that attract attention.

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The bathroom suite

If you decide to integrate the bathroom with the bedroom, you must attend to some practical issues such as distribution, lighting and ventilation of the room. In addition, you must also take into account the storage capacity you want, in order to install certain furniture or others.
It is usually advisable to separate the part of the toilet from the main room, a separation that you can make with the installation of glass dividers or furniture.
In conjunction with the bedroom the bathroom gains a dimension more associated with rest and relaxation. At this juncture, an option that seems outlandish but increasingly stronger is the inclusion of a small library in a transition zone between both spaces. In this way, you can turn your bathroom into a perfect place in which to relax, take a bath and disconnect. To do this, you can place shelves with some books and some hanging vase or plant that gives life to the space.

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The shared bathroom

A third type of bathroom that we can take into account is the shared bathroom. As a general rule, the suite bathrooms are shared bathrooms. But in conditions of little space, as are the most common, the same bathroom is shared by different people in the house. For the children of the family or even for the whole family at the same time.
In these circumstances it is common to have two breasts, or even the enclosure of the toilet to allow intimacy and sharing while someone is showering in the morning or washing or makeup in the sink.
If we do not want to opt for a complete enclosure, we always have the option of having half-height partitions that allow us to maintain the visual amplitude of the space, while preserving a minimum privacy. In any case, the distribution represents a key element in the design of this.

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In bathroom as in all rooms of a house, the distribution of the elements, materials and colors used and add-ons are the basis of the aesthetic and functional success of the space. In the bathroom, in particular the elements are quite defined and their arrangement depends largely on the location of the downspouts in a reform, although there are resources to be able to arrange the pieces in different ways, but that does not have to prevent us from trying to praise a space in order to surprise visitors or serve as a space of disconnection and care in privacy.

A suitable arrangement of elements, materials, colors and complements can make the bathroom a unique and not only functional space. The incursion of natural and organic elements takes us away from the lab style bathroom that we all have in mind.
The decoration has ground to cover in our bathrooms and toilets.

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