Tricks to take advantage of a kitchen island

The kitchen island is a resource in interior decoration that is increasingly used in small kitchens, to gain storage space. It is paradoxical that adding a piece, also large, serves to gain space. And is that the kitchen islands can function as a pivoting element to replace partitions and end up expanding the overall feeling of space. The kitchen island is the best element to distribute the open kitchen, dining room and living room. In short, cooking islands can be great allies for interior designers.

In Coblonal Interior Design we have worked in different projects with kitchens with islands and we have all tried to take advantage of the space available to maximize functionality and overall feeling of space for our customers.

From the work we have done, we present, below, the most important tricks to take advantage of a kitchen island .

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The best tips to take advantage of a kitchen island

  1. Ideal measurements. The ideal measurements for a kitchen island are between 250 and 270 cm. long. This space is sufficient to be able to include a space for the preparation of food, a source of water and a place for cooking. The best space between the island and the furniture glued to the wall would have to be 90 cm. Although it could also be something less or even more, 110 cm.
  2. Install a bar with banks added. For those families that want to take advantage of the island as a space to eat, it is best to install two levels on the island. In this way, we will obtain a lower level that we can devote to elaborate food and a higher level to taste food dishes.
  3. Join a table to an island. In larger kitchens one way to take advantage of a kitchen island is to attach a table next to it. You can use the same style to give continuity or include a wooden table to establish an interesting contrast in the combination of both elements.
  4. Include plugs on kitchen island. In order to increase the functions of a kitchen island it is highly recommended to place kitchen plugs. In this way, you can use the island to cook with small appliances, such as a blender, a fryer, a food processor, etc. in a comfortable way.
  5. Enable a lid with access to garbage on the kitchen island. One way to take advantage of the space and optimize the work table is to include a lid so you can throw the garbage into the trash while cooking . This way you will lose less time going to and from the trash and you can finish cooking before and dedicate more quality minutes to your loved ones.
  6. Include flexible cooking systems in the kitchen islands. Today, in a house cooking in different ways, steaming, grilling, gas, electricity, etc. In order to satisfy all the needs of all members, an excellent decision is to install a plate on the island with different cooking modes.
  7. Take advantage of the sides and bottom for storage. Increase kitchen island functions by installing handles to hang rags or shelves. It is also a good option to place drawers and cabinets in the lower part of the kitchen island to include a very valuable space for storing kitchen utensils.
  8. Use kitchen islands to include baskets for fresh food. There are some foods that are best stored outside the refrigerator, such as vegetables and fruit. If you have the added space of a kitchen island it can be a good idea to place a basket to store these foods and keep them in the best conditions.
  9. Place wheels on the kitchen island to increase your flexibility . A very good option for small and medium kitchens is to have a kitchen island with wheels. In this way, you can move it when you need a space to cook and corner it to the wall when this space is no longer useful.

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