The sliding door and a new intimate living space: bedroom, bathroom and dressing room.

The bedroom is understood more and more as a set that includes a bathroom and a dressing room. In this sense, the sliding doors are imposed as an allied element that allows to maintain the sensation of opening of the space, at the same time that they allow to divide the space according to the concrete needs, be they of intimacy or visual balance. And it is that, the architecture and the interior design are the reflection of our forms of life, fruit of a continuous interaction between our practices and the design of the spaces in which we live.

In this post we propose possible uses of sliding doors in the bedroom area and its connections with the bathroom, dressing room, other bedrooms and other spaces in the house. The sliding doors that we introduce in our projects, in most of the occasions, are inserted in the designed furniture. In this sense, we must understand sliding doors as an element added to a distribution of space thought through furniture rather than partitions. For this it is essential to imagine the final aspect from the beginning.

The sliding doors, far from being only a container and closing element, become, according to their design and choice, an element that can modify and harmonize the appearance of the room, as well as its functionality.

A new intimate living space

The conjunction of the dressing room and the bathroom area with the bedroom offers us an emerging living space of a more intimate character. The dressing room is no longer just a place for storage and exhibition of clothing, shoes or toiletries, it acquires a dimension of rest, relaxation and care together with the bathroom. With the sliding doors open and inserted into the existing furniture, the sensation of space expands. The resulting space is an oasis where you can isolate yourself from the world and dedicate time to yourself.

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Sliding doors as dividing element

The sliding doors, more if they are of important dimensions, offer the possibility of dividing a space or maintaining the open space with a minimum visual impact. In our studio, we love designing and producing doors that are integrated as an inseparable part of the designed furniture. We look for special handles that make it possible to make the most of it, being almost imperceptible when closed.

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An area of ​​passage and room at the same time

In the apartment that we transformed completely in Sarrià, we can see how the central piece of furniture houses the private part of the bathroom inside leaving the sink area in a kind of corridor that connects the bedroom with a dressing / study area. The sliding doors inserted in the furniture offer the possibility of closing this step on both sides, reducing or expanding the set as required.

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Interior design and decoration in Sarrià

The most common materials for a sliding door

The materials to use are diverse, being the wood, the crystal or the iron the fundamental materials that form our designs. The diffusion of the light, the recurrence in the use and the contrast or integration help to determine the ideal material. Wood and glass are in any case the most preponderant options for the whole bedroom. In the living room we have used iron and glass doors that add storage, but this is already the subject of another entry.

We hope that these reflections invite you to imagine new spaces in your homes or projects.

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