The importance of a singular bathroom as an interior design strategy

Often, it seems that the bathroom is a secondary piece in a house whose design does not require much attention and is summarized in the choice of models and materials in an almost predefined distribution. We, as architects and interior designers, vindicate the importance of the main bathroom as a space to take care of yourself in privacy. But at the same time, we bet on the much-forgotten bathroom of courtesy as a singular bathroom space. A space that surprises visitors and flee from the strict functionality in conditions of limited available space.
A bathroom is a key room  in any home where it serves a fundamental hygienic function, but it is also a place to relax by taking a bath or a shower and getting ready. It is curious that in the public sphere, outside our homes, let’s talk about “the services”. Referring to the service, we focus on the function. But at the same time, and surely we are able to remember some examples in bars and restaurants, certain public baths are examples of uniqueness. It is about taking the opportunity to play with the majority expectations about a “public service” and provoke surprise with its design. We defend this practice as a value for interior design and its implementation also in the residential area.

In Coblonal we have worked in different interior design projects and in all these the bathroom has always been treated with a special importance, as a propitious stage to look for the singularity.

Next, we make mention of some examples and strategies in the distribution, choice of materials and decoration to make the bathroom of your flat, premises or business a unique space, a singular bathroom.

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Tips for decorating a singular bathroom

  • Be bold in choosing the color of the tiles. The color of the tiles in a bathroom is an important element in the visual impact and decoration of this room. Try to combine the color of the tiles on the walls and the tiles on the floor. It does not need to be the same color, sometimes the contrast is the best option, but in any case we defend understanding the whole as a whole. The choice of concrete, color, texture, gloss or matt finish will have a decisive impact on the accent of brightness and space conditions. Whether we are lucky enough to have natural light or artificial light, the contemplation of these aspects can be decisive in the success of the election. There is no determining rule, that is, we can opt for dark tones for small bathrooms without problems with very focused lighting. The important thing is to be clear about the effect, the concrete environment we want to recreate. The orientation of the tiles, if they are rectangular, will have an impact on the sensation of height or amplitude depending on whether they are placed vertically or horizontally.
  • A material that imprints character on the walls. Today, you have the advantage of having many types of materials with which to coat pavements and walls and form the countertops of a singular bathroom. From natural stone to different synthetic materials, the options are endless. According to the final image that we want to look for we can trace our choice. As a studio we like to opt for natural, organic and lived-looking materials. Yes, let’s be practical, the humidity conditions make certain materials only have room under certain conditions. Otherwise, we will be continually repairing and treating certain finishes. Although obsolescence expands in all markets, we always choose to look for the material, functional and aesthetic durability of the spaces we design.

singular bathroom

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  • Contemplate and rethink storage One of the main concerns of a person when decorating a home is storage space. In all the houses utensils are accumulated that we need to keep in some way more or less organized to have a certain order in the home. In the bathrooms are used to accumulate boats, gadgets, towels, toilet paper, … we want to have accessible but are not always in sight. The closets, low, high or suspended, are the most common solution to organize all the bathroom elements. Also the shelves are an extended resource to place the utensils that you need to have on hand, or to store the clean towels or the most beautiful utensils that you use in your daily hygiene. We propose to rethink these elements using unexpected objects such as wooden boxes, or gaps gained from perimeter volumes such as shelves or niches. Something fundamental for us is to contemplate good drying conditions for used towels. In this sense, there is nothing better than a good electric or gas towel rack, programmed at strategic times so that it fits perfectly to our routines and needs.
  • Combine the textiles with each other. A towel chosen with pleasure can function as a decorative element and not only as a contribution of color. We can choose stripes to recreate a beach style, by curious prints or chromatic ranges in conjunction or contrast with the rest of the elements. In any case, they contribute to harmonize the space if they are combined in an appropriate way. It is essential to understand the set of body towels, hand towels and shower mat as one set. A single element that falls outside the general line can ruin the desired effect. And is that many times the simplest resource is what ends up making a difference in a singular bathroom. In a small bathroom where towel racks do not fit, three small towels of different colors rolled and aesthetically piled on the sink furniture are the best solution.

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