The contribution of plants to interior design

In recent years we have incorporated plants as fundamental elements of our proposals. And the fact is that the contribution of plants to interior design is indisputable. Well, its visual impact and importance can be comparable to that of an armchair or a lamp.

In addition, vegetation purifies the environment and literally gives life to us and to spaces. It offers a chromatic contrast with the rest of the elements that are fundamental.

They are natural sculptures that we claim as essential in any home.


“The vertical stylizes” is a maxim that we have always heard for striped prints and it works the same when we talk about decoration. In this sense, tall-stemmed plants are great allies if what we want is to gain height in our perception of space. Adding a visual reference helps us size the space and its height. Well, it is about contrasting the horizontal lines of the sofa or the furniture with vertical lines. Plants offer this function like floor lamps and with greater color contrast.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants, like tall-stemmed plants, offer a height reference that helps size the space. They also put a note of color in corners where there is normally no element.

The corners of the living room are ideal and if there is a mirror nearby, better. We can hang them from the ceiling or we can put them on top of a shelf. The potos, the tapes, or the burrito are ideal for this task.

Plant or table lamp

Coffee tables can be possessed elements if we turn them into spaces suitable for the disorder, where to leave anything that we do not know where to put it.

If we interpret them in another way and look for another functionality beyond that of a simple surface, we can understand them as pedestals or ideal places to place a small plant.

Its great competition is table lamps and it is precisely this dimension and similar function that has made us think that plants can be an element of great importance in the interior design of any space.

Jungle effect

Sometimes the maxim is inverted and from “less is more” we pass to “much is better”. The reading corner of a gallery with lots of natural light or a soulless interior patio is the ideal place to try to generate the so-called jungle effect that translates into the accumulation of different plants of different heights in order to recreate a leafiness that reminds us of voluptuousness. of a natural environment.

Color contrast

The green of the plants contrasts with the color of the furniture. In most cases, the sofa, the table, the cabinets, etc… are in raw colors, showing off the wood grain or solid lacquer. For their part, plants tend to show off different shades of green that contrast with the environment.

The color contrast offered by the plants, even more so if we add reddish or orange tones, complements the whole and offers a very attractive color balance.

If you want more information, you can visit this other blog post about the role of plants in interior design.

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