The complements: the tool to give life to a bedroom

The use of add-ons to bring a bedroom to life

The construction of a bedroom goes through different dimensions, where the base built with essential elements for rest , it is complemented by accessories that are part of the whole: nothing is random and everything is in a harmonious balance.

Or at least that is how we conceive it in Coblonal Interiorismo, where the complements or accessories, far from being a secondary actor, constitute another element to refine and detail the specific stylistic proposal in an interior design project ¿the result? A space that molds and represents the people who inhabit it, one of the primary objectives for any professional interior designer.

So personalization and attention to detail are essential to create a living bedroom.

For that reason, in today’s post we will try to review some ideas of complements -based on our projects – that help to give life to a bedroom.

First of all …

Interior design | What exactly does it mean to give life to a space?

To give life to a bedroom or any space means to get the tastes and preferences of the people who inhabit it to be represented in the type of objects and elements that overlap the volumes formed by the walls and furniture. This set of elements completes the design and rounds and harmonizes the whole project.

In our study, we understand a complement as an accompaniment that improves or complements any space and especially in rooms such as the living room or the bedroom. In the same way as in the dressing room, the complements are capable of giving meaning to a relatively neutral set. Extending or even monopolizing the protagonism over structural elements.

Cestita Milà in a bedroom with lots of light in Andorra

How do we propose the selection of accessories for the bedroom? We rely on the taste, style and personality of those who inhabit the house, as guidelines of inspiration to round the decoration with unique accessories. The selection is not made when all the rest is done, but it is appearing at the same time as the style and finishes of the house are defined.

As you can see, the accessories for the living room are an extensive world, and its definition one of the funniest moments in every project. It is the opportunity to reaffirm the character and style of a reform. Of course, as interior designers we arrive at the definition of a starting point and it is the clients who, in their day to day, make these complements become meaningful, being elements of daily use or presence beyond a special disposition when visitors come. In this sense, they should not be too imposing accessories, but rather their own elements and coherent with the whole space, the daily life and tastes of its inhabitants.

Accessories in the bedroom | A personalized oasis

Accessories in the bedroom should take into account the essential function of space: rest. In this sense, they must be consistent with this ultimate goal and not distort an environment designed for rest. The use of soft tones and soft textures will help to create a cozy environment. We should think that any item included will be the last thing we will see just before sleep and at the start of the day. From these basic premises we propose a set of resources that we can use to give life to a bedroom.

Some design piece

The designer pieces are always beautiful and functional at the same time and are always a safe bet in order to give life to a bedroom. We can choose hanging or standing lamps, chairs or even furniture as the bedside tables themselves. They are particular pieces that will give distinction to any bedroom. In addition, if you are passionate, like us, the emblematic design pieces, having one of them satisfies something more than a mere function and translates into treasuring a recognizable, fully functional piece of collection.

 Carl Hansen and Son armchair, Santa & Cole Cestita and Owl by Architecmade

Some piece of art

We can also put functionality aside and focus on the aesthetic impact with the inclusion of some piece of art. The paintings are the most recurrent pieces, either on the headboard or on the wall at the foot of the bed. Also the figures or sculptural pieces located in the adjacent furniture can function as key pieces that characterize the space itself. We advise abstract rather than figurative representations so as not to add presences that may eventually disturb the dream.

Pictures of Miguel Marina in the bedroom of a house in Sant Cugat

Headboards and bedside tables

The headboard can be extolled as the crown of the bed and highlight its presence as a characteristic element of the bedroom. On the contrary, we can make it appear in an integrated way in the volumes of the room or in the custom furniture. The inclusion of niches, facilitate the storage of small objects and the arrangement of luminaires and eliminate the need to put bedside tables. If we prefer, a good choice of bedside tables can contribute decisively to give life to the bedroom. Whether the tables or the integrated headboards, these offer us a surface where elements and accessories that spontaneously give a lived aspect to the bedroom. Our task will be not to accumulate them and maintain a good proportion relative to the daily use of these.

Tailored fitting with a pair of Kiko Tous lamps in a house in Andorra

Vases and flowers, …

The vases with flowers or stems of plants are always a fantastic complement that help to give a fresh and natural air to the environment. Although it is true that some plants can be contraindicated to sleep by their side, we can resort to stems of flowers or dry stems or to species as recurrent as sansevieria, poto, monstera, aloe vera or ribbon collaborate to renew the air filtering harmful particles such as formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, benzene, xylene, or carbon dioxide. In the case of aloe vera, for example, it filters particles and releases oxygen throughout the night.

Vases and accessories in a Barcelona Barri Gòtic apartment

Bedding and Curtains

The importance of bedding is notorious. It is an element that, because of the visual space it occupies, also needs to be pampered and chosen to be part of the whole. In the same way, the curtains allow to preserve the privacy of the bedroom from the outside and to sift the exterior light. Both are elements that provide color and texture to the whole. We recommend avoiding flashy prints as much as possible, we prefer plain or variegated colors, with tones and organic appearance.

 Linen linen by Mikmax in an apartment in Gràcia

Books, alarm clocks, photographs, …

Finally, there are all those objects such as books, the already almost disappeared alarm clocks or personal photographs of loved ones or that remind us of happy moments that we want to have close at the time of falling asleep and above all, when waking up. Maintaining the right number of elements is crucial, although we tend to accumulate them, we can move from giving life to the bedroom with its spontaneous location to destroy the balance achieved with the rest of the elements.

Apply W153île from Wästberg on the niche in the bedroom in St Cugat


In short, it is the details that, in conjunction with the general design of the space, give life to the bedroom, personalize it and sing it out.

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