The best plants and elements for a garden in an urban inner courtyard

Many times among the bustle of the city it is difficult to find a place to be quiet and where you can breathe. Aware of this, many bars and restaurants have interior patios converted into interior gardens that allow you to find this desired moment of disconnection.

However, mounting an indoor garden can be difficult and expensive on many occasions. That is why we have compiled a few basics to follow to design and build a peaceful inner garden in an urban context.

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Tricks to set up your indoor garden

Often, the space we have inside our buildings, in the patios and terraces is not idyllic enough to turn into a garden just by adding a few plants. To recreate a garden the first thing we can do is think of a chromatic scene and think of the colors of the walls and pavements in conjunction with the green vegetation that will be present. The color of pavements and walls is a central factor, especially if you do not have a very large space or there are structural elements to disguise. Thus, to maximize the feeling of spaciousness and contrast, the shades of white or yellowish for the walls and the color tile or earthy for the pavement tend to be safe bets for any patio.

Another fundamental aspect is the distribution. The elements that will be part of the garden are those that will distribute the available space. In this sense, it is fundamental to decide if we want a table, chairs, sun beds, parasol, flower boxes, or pots. These elements will be the ones that will form steps and delimit different spaces within the perimeter limits of the garden.

What is clearly essential to creating an urban garden on any patio or terrace is a successful selection of plants properly distributed according to the impact of the Sun, the air currents, as well as the own aesthetic disposition of the space. Climbing plants can help us transform towering walls into vertical gardens. And the aromatic plants and flowers like jasmine or lavender, are ideal to give color and at the same time aroma that transports us sensory to a space designed especially to disconnect from the daily hustle and relax, sharing a talk or reading the latest novel that you have bought.

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Pots, planters, and dividers

The gardens of pots are the simplest option since we can always adjust if situation to get the best result minimizing the risk. In addition, we can take them as decorative pieces since we can find them in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials gaining prominence in the whole garden.

On the other hand, we have the option of resorting to planters. These normally work and are a bet a bit riskier or are not clear weather conditions throughout the year of the garden. Well, contrary to the pots, we can not move them if the plant you have does not adapt well to the place or we do not like your situation. In that sense, it is always advisable to start with the advice of professionals who validate the design of the garden. In our interior design studio, we have accredited professionals who help us design unique gardens adapted to each environment and project.

On the other hand, in certain urban patios, the separation from the adjacent patios is an indispensable condition for reasons of security, privacy, and aesthetics. Sometimes we have taken advantage of these separations to include planters in the perimeter, making the vegetation itself help us in all the aforementioned purposes.

Plants and flowers: wellness and aesthetic impact

You can create separate gardens for flowers, plants, and herbs, or mix everything to get a more eclectic and spontaneous style. On the other hand, we can choose to choose very different flowers and plants or choose a pair of specific types and give the whole a specially thought and characteristic aspect. This will give you a simpler touch while elegant and minimalist to your indoor garden.

Among the different flowers that can dress your inner garden, there are some that will fill it, especially with color and life. So, you can choose the marigolds, begonias, or alegrías, if you are thinking of installing flowers.

If you want a garden less flowered and lusher in plain sight, you can also plant fotinias, an evergreen shrub that acquires a reddish color with the arrival of good weather. This type of plant is optimal for creating visual backgrounds, in addition to the resistance it presents and the ease in its care. The use of vines, as we have mentioned, is also a very useful resource to achieve a lush effect, even as a background.

If we look for the opposite, where the singularity of each piece stands out, the cacti are very suitable for this purpose, since their shapes function as totems that populate the garden in an original way.

Project of interior floor terrace in Sant Gervasi (Barcelona)

Another type of vegetation that can give a touch of the most original to a garden is African flax, a plant with elongated leaves that works very well to create a point of attention in your garden.

If you prefer to put a bit more green in your garden, boxwood and bamboo are two options that you can not miss on your terrace. Both will help you create a background in which you can combine other species of flowers or plants, in addition to its large volume helps cover gaps and give the feeling of leafiness in your garden.

The design and assembly of a garden can be somewhat difficult at first, but it is about defining the style you want to achieve and getting down to work, choosing well the elements you want to include and the flowers and plants that will have more presence in your interior garden. With a well-thought-out garden, maintenance is reduced, achieving an optimum state throughout the year.

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