Ten steps to reform a bathroom

Reforming a bathroom is one of the most typical rehabilitation projects in a home. It is a very common reform and all information related to a comprehensive renovation of a stay of this type interests many people.

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked on different bathroom renovations and, based on the experience in these projects, we can propose the steps that must be taken to remodel a bathroom.

We explain, then, 10 steps to take into account to refurbish a bathroom .

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Reform a bathroom in 10 steps

1. Plan what you want

The first step to any redesign project is to plan exactly what you want in the bathroom and what you do not want. It seems a simple task, but there are numerous dilemmas that we must face, although our practices increasingly make the choice clearer. The most common are: Shower or bathtub? Bidet or not? Sinks of one or two sinuses?

2. Consider the space available

Normally we have a limited space where to place a set of pieces. The limitations of space will inevitably help to define what type of pieces are most appropriate with our practices. Our advice is that we think long-term and do not focus on the present moment, especially if we have children at home.

3. Define Style

Lately, the term “design thinking” has been popularized to imply something very important that is part of the good practices of all those who participate, in some way, in the world of design. It is about being able to visualize or project the final product or result and then test and define the path. The important thing is to draw an image of the desired result, project go. If we are able to define the style we want for the bathroom we will have been able to take a first step to discard many of the elements in play and start combining those that are part of our palette. Try to define a stylistic line and acquire elements and complements consistent with it.

4. Specify the desired materials

The choice of a style will determine to a large extent the materials of the different coatings, as well as the furniture and accessories. At present, everything that maintains an organic or natural aspect is a tendency, fleeing from the aseptic laboratory and trying to bring the bathroom closer to a space for self-care. The use of porcelain, natural stone, silestone, microcement, natural or synthetic wood, chromed metal or solid colors, … The variety of finishes and possibilities is huge so we can lose if we do not have clear ideas and do not let ourselves be advised.

5. Choose the thematic colors

The chromatic combination will influence the definition of the concrete finish of the desired finishes. We love the earthy or stony chromatic tones, preferably with wood or chrome. The floor and wall tiles will have the greatest impact on the thematic color of the bathroom.

6. Eliminate all clutter

The different soaps, creams, brushes or gadgets that we need in the bathroom can invade little by little the space and give an image of disorder and neglect that invalidates any design that we can develop. To avoid this, it is essential to include furniture that is capable of storing all the elements that we will need in our daily use of the bathroom, either daily or sporadically. We are in favor of storing in the bathroom what is the bathroom, so we must make a good forecast to adjust the measure and also put doors to minimize the visual impact of the content.

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7. Built-in or standing elements

What do we do with the mechanisms for unloading the WC and the faucets for the sinks and showers? The visual cleaning provided by the built-in elements has no competition. That we must take into account that we need to gain space on the wall to embed the mechanisms, but still we can take advantage of the new volume to make a shelf that serves as a shelf or niche after the toilet or inside the shower. On the other hand, we must assume that access to make small adjustments or repairs is complicated and solve a small loss of the tank, may require that the plumber come home. Of course, the result may deserve it and it is up to each one to weigh it.

8. Built-in or surface elements

Both the toilet, bidet or the sink can be standing or suspended. Particularly, if the type of walls and the budget allows it, we prefer the suspended elements as they allow a better cleaning and provide a light and modern image of the whole.

9. Towel rack or hanger

The towel heaters solve 3 problems. They help to save space, they keep their towels dry and hot, they provide heat to prevent the room from getting too wet. Of course, we must have an available wall and assume a plus on the bill. It is ideal if we do not enjoy good ventilation or climatic conditions that hinder a good drying of the towels.

10.- Think of enlightenment

Finally, we address, lighting as the icing that will provide different patinas to everything we have been previously available. First of all, we should consider it one of the best ways to make a bathroom look more spacious, especially in combination with a large longitudinal mirror. In second place and in a complementary way, we propose you to have at least three lighting scenes for the bathroom. Traditionally we have two basic ones. One overhead or more general and another focused on the mirror area, very useful for makeup, combing, shaving or other precision tasks. The third that we propose as essential is a dim ambient light. A backlit mirror, or illuminated profiles of furniture or other volumes provide adequate light if we must go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or blind ourselves every morning or simply want to take a shower or a relaxed bath.

We hope that these ten steps or aspects to contemplate before reforming your bathroom will help you to prepare a good briefing that serves to evaluate your needs and preferences and take it all into account if you plan to reform the bathroom.

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