Some practical ideas for bathrooms

From  Coblonal Interior Design Studiowe present some practical ideas for bathrooms that we have developed in some of our designs and architecture and interior design projects . Some are design ideas with constructive implications that arise from a different conception of space and the distribution of elements. Others are simple ideas and easily applicable to any bathroom. Together they represent good options for any bathroom to take a leap of quality in its functionality, aesthetic appearance and comfort.

Turn a construction volume into an opportunity

Posing a volume to embed the installations to average height offers us, on the one hand, to maintain a visually clean design, to obtain a visual and material contrast between the volume and the wall and, finally, a longitudinal envelope of small dimensions that makes the function of shelf .

Interior design for a modern and industrial apartment in Gracia, Barcelona

We can prepare this shelf in different ways. In the case we present to you – top picture – we have covered it with a natural wood envelope that offers warmth and organic appearance. Small constructive solutions like this revert in multiple functionalities added and of very easy execution as long as they are already contemplated in the original design.

Rethinking the use of corridors

Previously we have already talked about one of our maxims in interior design: “ No Hallways “. Following this spirit, the sink set is presented as a piece that we can open to the space shared with the bedroom and keep the shower or bathtub and WC in more reserved spaces. The transit areas are spaces that can help us gain space through their use.

Interior design and decoration in Sarriá

In this way, the old passage area becomes a useful surface for a bathroom that gains in dimensions and connection with other spaces, maintaining privacy in the most sensitive areas. In the case that we present to you -top picture-, the sink is located in the step that connects the master bedroom with a small study area that is transformed into a guest room thanks to the sofa bed. In this way, the bathroom can assist both rooms if necessary in a shared use. In addition, the arrangement of sliding doors integrated in the central volume that houses the WC and the bathtub, offers the possibility of dividing up the space to preserve a certain privacy if it were the case. In this case, the complete distribution of the floor through the situation of a central volume and the whole of the housing around it is key to reach a solution of this type. Removing and placing the sink in a passage area allows us to make the most of the space as a whole and, specifically, to gain comfort and useful surface for greater comfort.

Leverage the warmth of natural light

Natural light is the best organic element to transform a room. In this sense and completing the first idea that we proposed above, we propose the opening of a window that lets the natural light of the adjacent chamber pass, for example in the upper part of the WC as in the case that we propose in the bottom photo . Sometimes, it is difficult to ventilate the bathroom directly outside without penalizing other rooms and therefore we opt for forced ventilation. In these cases, having a window high enough to preserve privacy but allowing the natural light to receive the adjacent room, is a resource of great aesthetic and functional impact. Natural light is able to completely transform the look and feel of any room. With this resource, all elements of the bathroom enjoy a very favorable natural light that affects diagonally. A light that will generate different environments throughout the day with the movement of the sun.

Reform Project Sant Cugat

Resignifying the inevitable

On other occasions, we have a ventilation window to a dark and unattractive interior courtyard that offers no view or usable light. For these cases, we propose as a possible improvement the installation of a strip curtain that maintains the ventilation conditions and allows the opening of the window but offers a better and original appearance. In this case -lower picture-, we use a curtain of metal strips that we extend on one of the sides, becoming a decorative solution that adds a different accent and contributes to a better integration of the window into the space.

Interior Design small apartment Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

As happens in other fields, such as architects and interior designers, we try to contemplate potential problems as opportunities to rethink the use and composition of spaces and be able to offer aesthetic and functional improvements that help us live happier in our homes and spaces .

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