Small apartment in Cartagena St.

Small apartment in Cartagena St.

Much charm in small dimensions

We received the order to completely reform a small and old apartment in a building on Calle Cartagena in Barcelona in order to be rented. The result is a flat of small dimensions but with a lot of charm characterized by a redistribution of the space based on the design of furniture, the recovery of original elements of the farm, and the chromatic combination to gain useful space and a sense of space at the same time.

The premise was to carry out a very charming project with a limited budget so that a person or a good couple can live.

Redistribution of spaces

The project starts from a redistribution of space, where the small original rooms give way to an open distribution where both the living room, the kitchen, and the master bedroom are connected while maintaining a certain subdivision. In this sense, the kitchen is located at the end closest to the street windows, while the bedroom ventilates to an interior patio and connects with the living room through a sliding door.

In the entrance hall, we find a complete bathroom and a small room for the washing machine and the boiler.

Original elements of the property

Regarding the finishes of the house and given the conditions, we plan to take advantage of all those aspects of the property itself. The first of them, the roof in Catalan volta. The surprise was that when removing the false ceiling we saw that the original beams were in very bad condition. That made the project more expensive and demanded a little more time and inventiveness. The second was to tap the walls to leave the exposed brick, evidently suitable with a fixer to eliminate dust and its degradation. The third aspect was the recovery of the original window and door carpentry. We stripped and applied colorless enamel to make the original wood shine. The fourth element was the hydraulic pavement. Unfortunately, we were unable to take advantage of the original pavement and we resorted to a newly inspired tile very similar to the original.

Design and production of carpentry furniture

If for some reason this small apartment is characterized by the carpentry work carried out by our trusted craftsmen from the design of our studio.

In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom we find pieces that become key in the very conception of the distribution of the house. In addition, the uniformity of the wood contributes to a unified and wide perception of the space that makes the house not seem so small.

The sliding door that separates the dining room from the bedroom stands out, where we have recovered discarded windows from other projects to give a certain intimacy and a classic touch to the whole.

The kitchen furniture combines wood with the calacatta white of the countertop and the black lacquered iron of the shelves and door and drawer handles.

In the bedroom, we find a complete wardrobe with different open shelves, like a niche, that serves as a bedside table. At the other end, taking advantage of a nook towards the window to the interior patio, we have placed a small desk that serves as a study.

In the bathroom, two horizontal tables act as a countertop and storage. In conjunction with the oval white sink, the taps and the shower screen in matt black, the hexagonal tiles on the walls, and the hydraulic flooring of the house, the bathroom looks exceptional and of good and comfortable dimensions. Like skinny, the presence of two windows acts as a clue or memory of the original layout.

In general, it is a house located in one of the most charming areas of Barcelona that will meet the expectations of its inhabitants in terms of functionality, comfort, and design.

Photos by Sandra Rojo.


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