Review: Adnet Wall Mirror the round mirror reference

One of the round mirrors that has been a before and after in the history of interior design worldwide is the Adnet Wall Mirror. A piece with about seventy years of history.

Origin and History

The Adnet Wall Mirror was designed in the year 1950. At the time it was thought of as a product created exclusively for a luxury firm. However, today it is a piece of topicality.

The creator was the French interior designer and architect Jacques Adnet, one of the greatest exponents of French modernism. This, in addition, presented with this work the innovative idea of integrating glass, metal and leather in the design of furniture and home accessories.

Nowadays, the Adnet Wall Mirror has served to inspire decorators and interior designers, who use it in the most current interior designs.

Design and materials of the Adnet mirror

The Adnet Wall Mirror is made up of a round mirror, covered in high quality leather from Florence. Its leather straps are sewn by hand and serve to hang it from the wall, being able to adjust its height by means of bronze buckles. Because of them, this design piece stands out for the strong reminiscences of the equestrian world.

The Danish company Gubi is responsible for its production and marketing today and is a must in designer furniture stores around the world. The Adnet mirror is made of high quality materials and can be found in various sizes (45cm, 58cm and 70cm), as well as in three different colors (black, olive green and brown).

Although the Adnet mirror, at present, is still a whim not suitable for all budgets, it is not an inaccessible piece if we take into account its manufacture with high quality materials and a perfect finish.

Thanks to its peculiar design, this mirror claims prominence in any room whether its functionality or only its aesthetic impact is sought. It looks good in any room, because you can place it both in a courtesy bathroom, in the hall, the living room and even in the bedroom.

We believe that it maintains a timeless and very versatile design, proof of this is its uninterrupted validity in contemporary design for almost seven decades.

It should be said that its leather finish and its dark color make it a decorative object widely used to provide a masculine and organic air in the spaces where it is located. As you can guess, style with which in Coblonal we feel very comfortable.

Round mirrors are trending

Decorating with round mirrors is a trend, and if something characterizes this style of mirror is its versatility to fit in every hole in the house.

Have the shape you have, the mirror has been and will be one of the essential decorative elements in any house. These create a feeling of spaciousness, projecting natural light and offering a sense of depth and continuity to the interiors.

Likewise, a mirror can multiply the sensation of space in a room, as long as we choose the place where we want to place it. The round shape and the frame do not help to maximize this light diffusion, but this is compensated by its uniqueness and aesthetic impact.

baño moderno Sagrada Familia duplex Coblonal Interiorismo

With simple frames in copper, silver, gold or black. Many other brands have launched round mirrors that mimic the iconic design of the Adnet mirror with varying variations in materials and in the way of hanging it. Seen these other models, it is precisely the leather strap with bronze buckles that makes the difference of the original with the rest.

Round mirrors gain prominence, especially in small or courtesy bathrooms. As a way of singularizing a space that by definition has few elements. With its presence, we managed to provide the bathroom with an industrial and sophisticated air at the same time.

In Coblonal we advise you on the latest trends in round mirrors. Contact us if you want to know more about the Adnet Wall Mirror or if you want us to help you build your idea.

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