Common areas of the TDM office building

Common areas of the TDM office building

Coblonal Interior Design Studio and Octavi Mestre Arquitectos, OMA, we are again collaborating in the renovation project of the common areas of the Torre Diagonal Mar B1 office building. If in 2016 we take care of renewing and renaming the tower B3 as Emotional Seasons Building in 2016, this time we have completed the first phase of the project to remodel the common areas of Torre B1 to finish transforming it completely by 2020.

Coblonal has been in charge of the executive production of the remodeling project of the common areas with the complexity of not obstructing the normal operation of an office building that houses more than 1500 professionals a day.
Our interventions have focused on the renovation of several facilities in the reception hall, as well as on the ground floor and each of the thirteen floors of the building.

The reception box coated with retro illuminated panels gives a more sophisticated and modern image to the building. The great video of the entrance gives updated information on the directory of companies and events that houses the building and reinforces the technological nature of the facilities. For now, glass panels have been maintained in the area of ​​lifts and internal walls of the central volume, both on the ground floor and on the other floors. The perimeter walls have been covered with anodized aluminum panels golden-colored. On the access door to each of the offices, the name of the company that occupies it is displayed in a 37″ content screen.

In addition, all the services have been completely renovated, both the access itself incorporating a screen that updates the availability of services with icons that follow the renovated signage of the building, as well as the interior. The new bathroom design of men, women and disabled people follows the aesthetics of the common areas and has taken into account criteria of sustainability and energy savings both in their conception and in their final disposal.

The new services are characterized by a large set of juxtaposed vertical mirrors that integrate in their interior, both taps, soap dispensers and alcohol as well as the hand dryer automated with optical detectors to be activated only placing your hands under each one of the indicators. Under Corian’s long pile we have placed a black longitudinal bench that serves as a support to leave the bag while you wash your hands. The location of a mirror from floor to ceiling extends the sensation of space and returns the entire body image for those who use the services.

Mention in band deserves the lighting of the different spaces, formed as a whole by led luminaires, which either in the form of focus or in longitudinal strips make the coatings live or indicate the direction of the movement in each one of the spaces. The incorporation of volumetric switches collaborates in energy saving activating lighting only when necessary.

In short, it is a project of great technical complexity in the planning given the full employment and intense activity of the offices during the execution of the work. Currently, we are working on the second phase of the remodeling project that we hope to present in the near future.

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