Refurbishment and interior design for a ground floor in Gràcia Barcelona

Refurbishment and interior design for a ground floor in Gràcia Barcelona

This is a special home, full of contrasts and we are aware that our proposal is not suitable for all audiences. It is located on the ground floor of a building in Barcelona’s Gracia quarter and only ventilates and receives light from the front and rear façades. These conditions, plus those of the provision of connections, downspouts, and structural elements, have been a challenge when thinking about the best distribution.

Furniture that distributes the space

The key element of the project is a large piece of furniture that functions as the central axis of the house. It is a set of mid-height furniture finished in oak wood. Inside, the structural pillars of the building and a small space to do laundry are hidden as well as offering generous storage. Likewise, it offers visual and aesthetic continuity to the whole and divides the house into two large areas: the day area and the night area, which are connected by a small corridor.

Una cocina que abre paso

The entrance from the street leads directly to the kitchen. It has a central island where the induction hob, with built-in extraction, stands out. It also offers a large surface for cooking, large drawers to store utensils of all kinds and a small wine cellar.

The kitchen is completed with the module that includes the sink, more storage, oven, microwave and a striking red Smeg fridge that contrasts with the stainless steel furniture.

Una gran mesa polivalente

The dining room has a large table that, in addition to hosting daily meals and celebrations, is used to hold small meetings, whether for leisure or work, eating or working on the computer or reviewing paperwork.

The shelf of the central module serves both to store, as well as to display the collection of curious pieces that the family collects and we love.

A raw base in contrast to the furniture

If we look at the ceiling, we discover the characteristic transverse beams of the Catalan vault, reinforced by a framework of iron beams that ensure the structure of the building and allow us to enjoy wide open spaces, dispensing with the pre-existing partitions. In accordance with the search for a certain industrial aesthetic, it has been decided to leave visible ducts and installations, including the air conditioning unit.

Together with the exposed brick pillars and walls, the ceilings offer a raw base that contrasts with the finish of the carpentry and furniture volumes, defined by cleaner forms.

One livingroom inside and another one outside

The living area of this house is found duplicated inside and outside, in a continuous interaction between both spaces thanks to the large sliding glass doors.

Inside, the continuation of the central furniture module stands out. This time with a layout specially designed to house the audiovisual equipment and the corridor that opens the way to the night area. The fact that the piece of furniture does not reach the ceiling further expands the perception of a loft, or in other words, of a large single space distributed by the furniture.

Outside, we find a patio in which we have tried to make the most of it. Since the height of the building is not very high, the space receives enough light so that the plants can survive in good conditions. It is evident, there are no possible views beyond the interior and that is why we have tried to continue the interior living outside.

While the space inside invites you to relax with a reading or watching a movie, outside, the atmosphere invites you to have a good conversation while sharing an aperitif.

The interior patio is characterized by furniture made of very natural-looking materials and colors that fit perfectly with its surroundings, where the point of contrast is offered by the green of the vegetation. Hanging light bulbs add warmth and a festive look to the ensemble, transfiguring this interior patio into a festive summer night packaging.

A large space designed for relaxation and rest

The patio connects with the night area and directly with a large space designed to disconnect and rest. The master bedroom is inspired by a hotel suite for its exuberance and uniqueness. It has a bathroom that is in the central furniture volume and a generous open dressing room with three modules. The key piece is the free-standing bathtub in front of the window of the interior patio. A luxury to enjoy it, to treat yourself from time to time and completely disconnect from everything.

On the opposite side, on the other side of the bathtub, we find a couple of fantastic corners. A bench built into the exposed brick wall that is illuminated. The bench continues outside offering a little corner that heals the soul.

Next to the window, we find a unique work point, where instead of working facing the wall, whoever occupies it does so facing a large piece of glass that separates us from the interior patio. It is an ideal space for teleworking, isolated from the activity of the rest of the house.

A path full of books

A large bookstore on both sides makes us forget how tedious the corridors are in favor of a space enlivened by a varied library and a set of souvenirs from here and there representative of the family that lives in the house.

The second bathroom of the house is located in this passage full of books. It is specified in a set in which the hexagonal tiles stand out with the brown curb on the walls. These contrast with the concrete floor in a light gray tone and the wooden furniture with the black worktop.

A children’s bedroom to sleep among fierce beasts

It’s a room wide enough to serve as a bedroom, playroom and place a desk in the future. A sliding door allows you to make the most of the available space. And the wallpaper with petroleum tones contrasts with the yellow upholstery of the seats.

The furniture, textiles and even the toys end up creating a very cozy space where the wallpaper’s ferocious beasts, rather than scare, make the imagination fly to magical worlds and adventures.

Photographs have been taken by the fantastic Sandra Rojo and videos by the brilliant Aguacate y Mango.


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