Reasons to reform (or not) your home in summer

Reforming the home is not a simple process. If it is a comprehensive reform or of a certain size, we will have to consider an alternative housing for a good part of the reform.

In order not to suffer excessively, it is advisable to reserve a forecast of money for the extra displacement from another house that we can dispose of.

The summer months are an ideal period, if we can take advantage of our vacations, to carry out a work in our usual home. However, holidays tend to be shorter than a reform lasts and not everyone has alternative housing, at a reasonable distance to vary their routines throughout the process. These and other reasons that we will detail add shadows to the, in theory, fantastic option to do the works of your usual home in summer.

First we will address the undeniable reasons to reform a house in summer. Then we will see some inconveniences that are usually overlooked . Then each one must weigh what it is that compensates him most.

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Reasons to reform your home in summer

  1. Summer usually coincides with vacations. As we have advanced, the summer months tend to be a holiday period. Take advantage of the absence, at least reduce the nuisance of having to leave your home during the time the works last. You can go to your second residence or a hotel and enjoy a well-deserved rest.
  2. favorable climatology. The summer months are synonymous with more daylight hours and less chance of rain. These conditions benefit the work of the operators who will be able to make electrical cuts and continue to see themselves with natural light. In addition, in outdoor work there is less risk that rain will damage the work done. With heat, the paint also dries faster.
  3. We like to enjoy the home when it’s cold. In summer we spend more hours on the street. The good weather invites you to have a drink or a walk. This makes it easier for us to be welcomed in the home of a relative or friend for the duration of the work, because we will not feel that we are invading the privacy of our hosts so much. On the other hand, doing the work during the summer gives us more options than when the cold starts and we can enjoy our new home.

However, despite the obvious advantages that reform your home in summer , we must also take into account other factors not so obvious that can make us rethink the convenience of making a reform in summer.

Redistribution of a bright attic in the Putxet neighborhood (Barcelona)

Disagreements to be taken into account if it is reformed in summer

  1. In August everything is paralyzed and there is less availability of material. The month of August is when most companies start their holiday period. This means that material warehouses have less material availability. The orders to the majority of furniture, coatings and sanitary brands are already closed at the beginning of June. Therefore, if you want to reform in summer you will have to ask for the material in advance. In addition, if any unforeseen event arises, there is no room for maneuver to rectify and the reception is postponed to last summer.
  2. Fewer staff available. Although they claim otherwise, in August companies also have fewer staff to operate on the job. Although everything points to a period of high productivity in the summer months, the month of August in particular is very complicated, because although you decide to work, the rest does not and forces you to be self-sufficient, when a work is by nature the coordination of multiple pieces, more for a study like ours that has a selection of highly specialized industrialists and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality. In August everything stops. Nobody wants him to stop, but he stops. Nobody wants to lose jobs and everyone thinks they can fix it, that they will find something, but it is not easy and sometimes it entails extra costs. In this sense, we have it very clear and we try to limit the number of projects under construction during the month of August and try to match certain actions that are easy to carry out such as demolitions.
  3. Depend on obtaining the municipal permit. If your reform involves a modification of the distribution of the house, modifications of the structure of the home, changes of community elements, extension of the surface of the house or the conservation of facilities and covers, you will need to request a greater work permit from the municipality. A procedure that can take several weeks or even months. If it is a procedure that requires some anticipation and margin to plan the work, if it turns out that the process coincides with the month of August, we must contemplate that the City Council of your city allows you to request it.

In short, make a reform in summer is a great choice if you can minimize the presence at home. Everything will develop faster if there is nothing or nobody that hinders the work.

However, if you decide to do works in this period, you will have to bear in mind that, no matter how far-sighted you may be, it will be more complicated to have a good availability of materials, personnel and licenses.

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