Play with the distribution to better take advantage of the space of a dining room

In our study, playing with distribution means rethinking the use of spaces, to see them from another perspective and thus enhance the function and the form of them. Always with the aim of serving the vital needs of the people who live it.

Distribute comes from Latin distributio which means action and effect of distributing the prefix dis that means multiple separation + tributum = contribution + tio = effect. Applied to interior design, we have the effect of separating and splitting action.

In this sense, the dining room offers new possibilities for use by integrating with other rooms such as the living room or kitchen, which translates into new distribution possibilities.

Therefore, in today’s post we are trying to understand what distributive possibilities offers the current conceptions of the dining room.

Multiple scripts for the same space

A dining room-office-lounge-kitchen? That’s right. It is one of the challenges we have encountered throughout our experience as interior designers and architects in Barcelona

A hybrid use that also requires a minimalist integral perspective. Therefore, the solution goes through rethinking almost every molecule and exploitation of the resolutions.

In this sense, one of the solutions we have found to satisfy the different angles of the projects consists in the creation of multifunctional pieces, both spatially and pragmatically.

In Coblonal Interiorismo, after years of experience we have found two elements that allow playing with spatial distribution:

Sliding doors for a transformation space | The sliding door allows the spaces to be connected and divided in an organic manner, without interfering with basic plasticity or aesthetics. In this way, the sliding door is the best representation of the concept play with the distribution. A dynamic that can also be reserved for users, who can also decide how and when to share or integrate the rooms. Thus, the sliding door can even include in the same room or separate the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.

Multifunction modules or boxes | They consist of a modular and multifunctional furniture that serves the aesthetics, storage or distribution and delimitation of spaces. That is why it is a perfect actor for the current dining rooms.

Ideas to distribute eating

  • The table, at the top of the hierarchy | The table is in the dining room what the bedroom is to the bed: the queen of the deck both from the conceptual point of view and functional. Thus, since it is an important extension in the dining room, it deserves attention that places it in the center of the eyes. So the rest of the space can be articulated around it. As for a plastic strategy, it might be interesting for the table to conform to a geometrical replica of the space it occupies.
  • A dining room that connects to the living room | It can be through the table, some piece of furniture or custom elements such as the sliding door or multifunction modules.
  • Recommended actions | Distributing also means facilitating movements. To do this, nothing better than thinking and calculating the dynamics and interactions of users with spaces. So, for example, we recommend leaving at least a 120 cm radius around the table.
  • Light strategy, invisible distribution | Distributing also means placing what you can not see in the focus. In this sense, in Coblonal we do not get tired of emphasizing the importance of carrying out a light study to, consequently, adapt the environment and thus facilitate the activities that will take place in the dining room.

In Coblonal Interior Design, we imagine spaces and build ideas . Check our services.

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