Options to cool off with water on terraces, patios or gardens

When the hot months arrive is when they miss the complements of the terrace to refresh. Currently, there are many options to have a patio, a terrace or a garden prepared to protect us from the heat.

We have the pools as the most obvious and maximum option, but it is also possible to include outdoor jacuzzis, the classic hose, or more sophisticated facilities: outdoor showers, some of them with articulated water cubes.

Interior design for small attic with large terrace

Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers are becoming a more requested option in those homes where the characteristics of the construction do not allow to install a jacuzzi or a swimming pool.

You have at your disposal different alternatives to design a shower for outside. With minimalist style, eclectic, bohemian, futuristic style, etc. You can also choose articulated cubes so that you can automatically experience the refreshing sensation of throwing a bucket of cold water over you.

Interior design and decoration project hotel Baix Empordà

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Installing a jacuzzi on your terrace is a choice for more and more home users. It is not as big as a swimming pool and, therefore, it adapts better to the space with the counting. In addition, standard account with unique wellness and wellness options.

Jacuzzis are a refreshing alternative to swimming pools that, in addition, provide a high dose of relaxation and recovery. If completed with a waterfall, the healing effect is even more important.

Project terrace for Casa Decor 2010


Installing a hose on the terrace is a more than recommended option if you have little space outside the house. It is a good tool to cool the environment and to water the plants, without having to walk with the shower up and down.
You have different hoses to put in your outer space, with different colors and lengths, depending on the needs of your space. Surely you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Rehabilitation and Interior design project Baix Empordà rustic house

Steam sprinklers

Another very refreshing option that you have at your disposal to better support the heat of the summer months is to install steam sprinklers on the terrace or in the garden. It is a solution against the high temperatures that more and more restaurants use to refresh their terraces and that more and more individuals use in their homes.

Steam sprinklers are a good way to refresh the suffocating environment of the hottest months. It is an excellent way to heat your patio to be able to take advantage of it in the hours where the sun’s rays are more intense. Technically, they are known as nebulizers.

Nebulizer fans

Nebulizers that are cheaper and do not require installation are nebulizer fans. They are fans of conventional blades that include a function that is dispensing water vapor to the environment.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most economical options for Keep the outdoor environment of your home cool.


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