Natural materials that are integrated into a rustic garden

The choice of materials forms a strategic decision in all architecture and interior design project , or at least that is how we conceived it in Coblonal Interior Design Studio.
In this sense, the chosen material can serve as support for the stylistic framework, resulting in a visual harmony and a coherence both architectural and decorative.
An example of this union between style and architecture is the choice of natural materials to integrate into a rustic garden. This formula is especially interesting in our architecture and interior design studio in Barcelona , and therefore we have ventured to explore the possibilities of this combination in our projects.
The result of this combination has allowed us to design gardens that follow our visual and plastic philosophy when designing outdoor spaces that serve as functional support for the lifestyle of our clients, so that their garden is their recreational space, peace and relax
Thus, the use of natural materials in a rustic garden is an interesting combination to serve as a base and support for the ultimate goal that is to offer a space of comfort to get out of the routine and stress of urban life.
Do you want to know what natural materials you can use in your rustic garden? Today in Coblonal Interiorismo we tell you what materials we have used in our projects, and we hope they give you some ideas.

The soul of natural material in a rustic garden

Each architecture and interior design studio has its own conception when it comes to harmonizing – or contrasting – the materials in its projects. In this sense, we seek the fusion of the ‘soul’ of the materials with the environment, since we believe that the materials are also an organic and ‘alive’ element.
Thus, Michelangelo said that the quality of his sculptures was mainly due to the material he used, because he was convinced that each block of marble had its own breath of life that helped him when creating his works of art. With the example of Michelangelo, we want to introduce our concept when applying natural materials in a rustic garden.
Natural and sustainable materials that are conceptually integrated into a purely rustic environment and outdoor gardens. The use of recycled, sustainable or natural materials is presented as an absolute respect for the environment that translates into visual harmony.

The immortality of the stone

The stone is one of our favorite options to integrate in a rustic garden, since the stone can be rustic what white is to minimalism: a perfect union. In addition, the properties of the stone are very interesting, since it is a product of ecological material with great durability. Thus, its use has a minimal impact on human health and the environment.

Interior design project and Hotel decoration Baix Empordà

It is also an excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, so the stone is perfect for facing facades. Its use has a double consequence: on the one hand the house is isolated, and on the other a rustic garden thanks to the façade. Another of its qualities is that it has little maintenance and is very economical in relation to its durability. The best? Each stone is unique, so no two projects are the same.

The heat of the slate

Slate is a natural and sustainable material that has great popularity for use in rustic gardens, it can be used both to coat facades, roofs or delimit functional areas such as the perimeter of the pool or the outdoor dining-picnic area. All with the same insulating properties as stone, since it is also a mineral product. And like the stone, there are not two equal slate units, being able to find large pieces.
 decoration with pallet sofas for garden Can Casi 3

The detail of the wood

The wood in small details such as exterior beams on the porch, we believe is a icing on the cake in a rustic garden. Although the wood can also be used to coat facades with excellent thermal insulation properties, although not as much as stone. The wood can also be integrated into the furniture, which can be made to measure with the native flora of the place.
 decoration furniture garden hotel Can Casi

As you can see, natural materials such as stone, slate or wood can offer you some properties and a very interesting sustainability when it comes to projecting your ideal rustic garden.


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