More resistant floors for a house

The floors suffer a lot of wear and tear and especially in certain areas of passage, the feet of the sofa or areas that receive the impact of the sun. For this reason, in Coblonal Interiorismo we chose to choose resistant floors with a long duration.

Below, we show you in your blog of interior design and architecture in Barcelona a few ideas about this question.

Rigid flooring: the toughest floors

In recent years, the so-called rigid coatings have again experienced great acceptance: bricks, tiles, stones (such as slabs, marble or slate) and wood. They have decorated the floors of the houses for many centuries, because they are resistant and very decorative.

Adobe floors

Certain rooms of the cottages are the best place where the adobe floors fit. The halls, kitchens, toilets, dining rooms and living rooms of the rural houses are ideal rooms to include an adobe tile on the floor. They are a great option to provide a fresh environment.

interior design project and decoration of a hotel in the Baix Empordà

Porcelain tile floors

The tiles have enjoyed much popularity over the centuries. Nowadays, porcelain tiles represent the great revolution, achieving finishes that have nothing to envy to natural stone, but with a much lower price, dimensions and weight. In addition, its greater resistance to abrasion and no maintenance, we can find in a wide range of colors, styles and measures. Like the adobe floors, the floor of this material retains a lot of heat.

interior decoration sarria

Interior decoration and decoration in Sarriá

Wooden floors

The offer of wood floors currently has a wide range of prices, shades and finishes to cover any stay in the home. The most common woods to include in floors are those of pine, cypress, spruce, false spruce, white spruce, chestnut and oak. In addition to new woods, recycled wood is increasingly successful: beams or wooden planks from industrial buildings or disused farms.

 modern stone winery interior design Andorra

interior design project of a house in Andorra

Stone floors

The stone floors always create an elegant atmosphere in all its varieties (in the form of tiles or tablets). They have to their favor that they have a virtually unlimited duration, but against them they tend to be cold and heavy, something that is not very advisable in places with extreme changes in temperature. The different materials of the stone floors are: slabs, slate, marble, terrazzo and granite.

decoracion-jardin-con-piscina- Emporda-2

rehabilitation project and home interior Baix Empordà

Concrete floors

Although the inventors of concrete are the Romans, the truth is that today is considered one of the most modern materials in the residential area. They are also the most malleable, since they can be prepared in any dimension or thickness. Concrete is very practical, as it is resistant to cold and heat, it is not scratched and it has a reasonable price. Painted or waxed can decorate any room. The biggest drawback is that this material takes a month to settle, so it is best to put it when the house is under construction or in the middle of a major reform. This option can receive an external finish with a layer of microcement that gives a more organic appearance, having a wide variety of colors. Microcement floors are also an option that can offer a look similar to polished concrete and is a solution to renew the coating without lifting the pre-existing tiles.

Exteriorism for a patio in the neighborhood of Farró in Barcelona

These are the most resistant floors that Coblonal, study of interior design and architecture in Barcelona, ​​recommend you to cover the floor of the rooms of your home.

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