Luxurious apartment in the Casa Burés in Barcelona

Luxurious apartment in the Casa Burés in Barcelona

In most of our projects, we end up demolishing partitions, redistributing space, renovating coatings, installations, and carpentry. In this luxurious apartment of the Casa Burés in Barcelona, ​​we have found all this work done: a finished apartment but completely empty. And its owner commissioned us to fully equip two apartments of the building so that its new inhabitants only had to come with their suitcases.

Having the opportunity to work on an estate like this and in high-ceilinged apartments with floral molding, small tile hydraulic flooring, and large doors and windows seems easy. Well, we could think that whatever we put in it will be OK. But what may be useful talking about people with a fine figure, is not for spaces and less of these dimensions.

The colors of the pavements and the size of the space were decisive both for the selection of textiles and pieces of design and art, as well as for the design and production of custom furniture.

Although corridors tend to disappear from our distributions, we must admit that the corridor in this apartment is different. It has ample space to add some cool metal shelves and turn it into a bookcase, as well as a hall-like to the side closest to the living room that expands and connects the dressing room and the set formed by the living room, kitchen and dining room when the doors are open. An aged wooden counter/dresser designed and produced specifically for this project gives the space a function of a spacious hallway inside. It is easy to imagine waiting for someone while checking the entrances of a play before coming out dressed for the occasion.

The living room is visually divided into two parts, in accordance with the original flooring and ceilings: the kitchen and dining area, and the living room itself. A large sofa with gray chaise longue on a polyamide mat and a large table for up to 8 people distribute the space and enable steps around it.

It should be mentioned that the choice of shades of finishes for each piece of furniture is in harmony with the colors of the floor. As in the case of the sofa and the finish of the kitchen, the shades of the reading chair, the choice of paintings or the black of the table and chairs that fantastically fit into the whole without claiming prominence. We have deliberately sought a chromatic and volumetric balance in the choice and location of each of the elements.

The choice of lamps has been guided by the combination of elegance and uniqueness that fit into the classic look of floral moldings. In the reading corner, we find a sophisticated Flamingo lamp that makes itself the readings more interesting.

The living room connects directly to the master bedroom of the home where the shades of bedding and furniture blend in with the colors of a wonderful, hydraulic small tile floor. The bedside tables and wardrobe in wood and iron have been designed and produced by Coblonal exclusively for this project. Similar to the open closet in the dressing room area, designed to put on recurring clothing.

The other two rooms are more intended for receiving guests than for regular use. The first of these trapezoidal rooms has a bed and a custom-made wardrobe, the wood of which extends along the wall leaving a small longitudinal shelf. The second of the rooms is a double room with two single beds in front of a custom-made wooden headboard that comforts the bed, incorporates the facilities and serves as a support for a sheet of the current series, small decorative elements or whatever is convenient. This room has a small space dedicated to storage on the way to the bathroom that gives service to it.

A fantastic home that Coblonal has completely equipped – from furniture to lamps and sconces; from all textiles to art pieces; from the vases and plants to the books on the shelves or to the TV – all ready to move into an emblematic estate in Barcelona’s Eixample Dreta.

Photos: Sandra Rojo

Video: Looky Produccions

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