Keys to hit the room lighting

And the right light was made in the living room.
In Coblonal Interiorismo , when addressing a architecture and interior design project , we treat the light with as a fundamental part of the project planning.
In this sense, the room, being the nerve center of the social activity of housing, needs an adequate light that is molded to each need and use of the room. It can also offer an added value at an aesthetic level.
Light is capable of changing moods, visually expanding spaces and enhancing -or ruining- interior design and decoration, the use of color tones, textures or volumes. But not only that, it also serves functional needs to provide different uses.
In short, a correct lighting strategy in your living room will provide many benefits both aesthetic and functional.
How can you achieve it? Thanks to a precise layout design and lighting that takes into account the synergy of natural and artificial light. Both should act in synchrony to get the best out of each other.

Natural light, the queen of the deck

Natural light communicates, transmits and produces an effect on our emotions and even supports the decorative and interior design strategy, since if, for example, there is good natural light in the living room, the range of colors towards simplicity is simplified .

ABC of natural lighting

The room, as a social area par excellence, is presented as an opportune scenario to take advantage of natural light through the following strategies:

  • Neutral colors in furniture, walls and fabrics
  • Mirrors everywhere
  • Curtains with natural and vaporous fabrics
  • Window + mirror
  • Crystal Table
  • Clear the natural light inputs to circulate
  • It is advisable to avoid dark, bulky furniture and ornate walls
  • If we can open a skylight, do we do it? Yes, please.
  • Study the hours of light in the room and where it affects to enhance these points will make your living room a real natural solarium.

Succeed with artificial lighting

There are few hours spent in the living room with the support of artificial lighting, therefore, the following strategies can help you create a warm and welcoming without losing visibility.
The most important? The versatility of the lights.

What uses are you going to give the room?

It all starts with a question: What use am I going to give the room? Which inevitably leads to the following issues:
Will I use it as a social center for dinners or meals? Or maybe to work? Do I need a reading corner? How do I want to feel in my living room? .. and so we can follow a good little while.
The questions help in the planning, and therefore in the achievement of the objectives to achieve a perfect space that adapts to your vital rhythm.

Light distribution

The overhead light is important, but the light supports at different levels are the added value.
As an example, we showed you the upkeep! on the wall that we carried out in the Project for the interior design of an apartment in Gracia  where the lower volume along the wall offers the possibility of placing the lighting and achieve a unique environmental effect.

So, the antonym is the pitted Down! that reinforces the chromatic contrast by illuminating the separation of the dark area with the white of the wall, giving the space a relaxed and warm atmosphere in all circumstances.

Zoning lighting

Distributing the light by zones allows us to enhance the uses.

  • Light in the sofa area

You can opt for auxiliary lamps with a soft light near the sofa to support the main light.

  • A lamp, the icing on the cake in the dining room

The ideal is to place the lamp at a distance of 70-75 cm from the table, thus avoiding uncomfortable shadows in the diners. On the other hand, it is best that the lamp occupies the entire surface of the table.

  • Reading

To read is ideal a floor lamp with LEDs or low consumption bulbs. Halogens are not the most recommended light in short distances. Choose a warm light, the cold reflects more and is uncomfortable to read.

Intensity of light

To serve the function, light should be able to be configured according to different scenarios.

  • Are you going to read? A warm ambient light with direct light supports is what you need.
  • Are you going to organize a social gathering? Then you will need a more intense light, without losing warmth.

Lamp style

In addition to lighting, you have the opportunity to decorate. Thus, the material of the lampshade influences the amount of light, while the style of the lamp can be an interesting accent to the decoration.

Control, home automation, technology and LED

Technology can be an important support to achieve the objectives. In this sense, the LED is an interesting option thanks to its sustainability, low consumption and the possibility of regulating the color temperature.

In addition, the dimmers will allow you to level the light by remote control. Home automation is no longer an extravagant or minority possibility, but an increasingly common resource.
As you can see, the planning of the lighting in your room depends on different factors that, well carried out, can offer you a scenario that will be your oasis of peace or social gathering center as appropriate.
We hope these tips will be useful for you to think if the lighting in your living room meets your expectations and responds to your uses.

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