Interior design for singular projects

As interior designers, timelessness has always been a premise to be highlighted so that the distribution, the materials, the chromatic line and the furniture chosen for our interior design are not affected by the passage of time (beyond of the own changes in family or organizational practices).

In our interior design projects, we try to maximize the validity of the chosen design, to correct a concept or spirit that lasts and adapts, rather than a moment to be outdated. However, it should not lead us to elaborate impersonal and replicable designs. There is no magic formula, nor do we conceive interior design as an artistic imposition.

For our Interior Design and Architecture Study each design is unique and singular because each client is. And on many occasions, in addition, we are faced with the challenge of combining different sensibilities that coexist in the same home. All this happening through our sieve, printing a style of its own as interior designers.
Now, there are interior design projects that still leave us with an added margin of action. These are projects where Coblonal Interiorismo puts itself in the shoes of a brand that wants to transmit a message with its space. Shops, offices, showrooms, hotels, or even apartments aimed at luxury rental. They are scenarios in which we work regularly and offer a different briefing than what we usually receive in interior design projects in the residential area. A briefing that translates the uniqueness of the client into space. Therefore, a space called to be singled out for its distribution, finishes and elements to become characteristic of a brand. A space with an interior design that enhances a set of practices, where being in them implies living an experience for the clients of that brand.

In this interior design of the showroom for Azul Acocsa you can see what we are referring to.

In this type of interior design projects where a specific brand wants to transmit a specific message with its space, it is where we can bet on riskier proposals, letting go a little more. We no longer project for the daily life of the client, but for the user experience and the image of the brand.

The space is unique and products and finishes take place, which we will hardly propose in other residential projects of interior design. As architects and interior designers we look for distributions, volumes, pieces and materials that, despite preserving the full functionality, make the space singular in itself, whatever the final user may be.

Therefore, either by the customer or by the user’s experience, the singularity is the source of meaning of any interior design project.
In short, the singularity becomes the true premise for interior design and this leads us to adopt the singularity as a project.

We propose another example, the interior design project for Hotel Can Casi , in the Baix Empordà, where we look for the singularity of the project to offer its clients the experience of relaxing in their rooms, enjoying the small details of the interior design.

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