Housing in Escaldes, Andorra

Housing in Escaldes, Andorra

Project Essence

In this project of interior design and decoration, we are faced with a spectacular house nestled in the Andorran valleys, between clouds, mountains and firs.

For this interior design, wood is the material that characterizes the whole of this Andorran housing, putting the rest of the elements of the decoration in a context of full nature.

This interior design project entrusted us with a young couple with two children, a teenager and a girl, who were sure that they wanted a home with a very vital interior design and decoration, where they could feel as if they were living in a natural environment, like the one in the mountains of Andorra, where their house is located.

In conjunction with our clients, we developed a list of adjectives that helped define the premises of the project based on their preferences: we sought a house that was very functional, where the social part was very important, such as the kitchen and the living room, and not so much in the private part, as the rooms, where these are small compared to the common day zones.

It is a interior design and project of integral reform guided by a global idea: to recreate a space of light and timeless lines for to give the feeling of being in a balcony open to the outside and in a refuge at the same time.

We build a multifunctional furniture coated with fir wood to separate the kitchen area with the living room area. On the side of the kitchen it has the function of making storage furniture, and by the side that it gives to the dining room table, its function is to make a bench with wooden backrest to be integrated into the dining table. In this way we achieve different environments in a single space.

Another objective of this interior design was to get the light flowing through all the rooms in the house, with large windows facing the garden.

For this interior design project, we also installed a fireplace suspended from the ceiling of the room, providing an instantaneous natural fire.


Decor style

This interior design has a decoration style of inspiration Nordic, straight cut, timeless, fresh, simple, and natural. They are the adjectives that inspire this vitalistic house, where the sensation of being in the mountains is sought, where the wood of the spruce with a very natural treatment predominates, and where the volumes of wood, steel and stone are intertwined in a balance chromatic that is both fresh and inviting. With the environment completely snowy or flooded by the green of warm weather, their rooms interact with the outside enjoying maximum comfort.

At the aesthetic level, it is intended to provide the house with the maximum possible amount of water using a very clear wood so that it resembles an autochthonous conifer in the area.

The most characteristic of the project

In this project of interior design and decoration, the fir wood gives context to all the elements of the decoration.

The decoration, textures and warm tones, the furniture distribution in the space , the materials and volumes of this design, are the basis of the interior balance of this interior design project, and are articulated naturally in this home designed by Joan Llongueras and Coblonal Interior Design. A placid retreat of warm and timeless atmosphere.


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