Interior Design and Reform Grop Restaurant Empordà


Essence of the project

For the project of Grop Restaurant interior design , we are inspired by the elements of the typical Empordà decoration, which give the restaurant the aesthetics of a town on the Costa Brava.

Resanturante Grop is located in one of the creeks of the Escala, in Gerona , and it was necessary that it was open to the sea, that is, to get that when you are inside the restaurant, you are out of it too. That is to say, that the exterior flowed in the interior part of the premises.

  • Interiorism open to the exterior:

The interior design and decoration of the Grop Restaurant had as main objective to ensure that the interior space of the restaurant gave space at the level of the terrace, so that both during the cold and tramontana days of the Empordà during In the winter months, as in the long, sunny and hot summer days, its customers had the feeling of being inside and outside the restaurant.

Bearing in mind that this is a place located on the seafront of the town of La Escala, with three facades that give three winds, and one of the most important facades faces west and is very sunny, the The main challenge at functional level was to ensure that when you are inside the restaurant, you also have the feeling of being outside, that is, that the outside flows towards the inside of the premises, all of this, protecting you from the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

This handicap in interior design was achieved by means of a retractable closing as glazed as possible that would allow us to have the perception that when you are inside the room, you are also on the porch .

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Functional versatility:

Another contribution we made to this interior design project was to ensure that the operation of the Grop Restaurant was adapted to any time of the day , in order to be a place that could be open all day.

How was it achieved? Working the interior design of the restaurant with a lot of impact at light, sound and musical level. We installed an integration control system through a panel with which, in a very simple way, through the simple action of pressing a button, the room adapted to the different scenes of any given day: breakfast, Vermouth time, Sunday brunch, meals, the moments of “daytime leisure”, dinners, the time of gin and tonic …

Thanks to this panel that we created especially for the Grop , any employee of the restaurant can assess what needs the customers and the place is transformed at that moment in particular, regulating the lighting and the sound of the different scenes or times of the day.


The decoration-furniture style

The Ampurdan village of La Escala , in Girona, is a fishing village. For this reason, to define this interior design project we were inspired by the woods of the Latin sail of the fishermen’s sail , and we used a whole coating of this wood on the roofs of the premises and in the Restaurant bars. In addition, we paved the floor with porcelain tiles of large format, textured with sand colors , looking for when entering the restaurant there would be a continuity of color with the tonalities of the beach.

The decoration of the Grop Restaurant has managed to merge the freshness of the sea, the beach and the sun, and at the same time provide the warmth of the winter days, with the typical cold and wind of the Empordà.

As for the decoration and the selection of furniture , we look for an eclectic mix of many elements found, among other places, in the brocanters de la Bisbal (the capital of the Lower Empordà): from contemporary chairs, chairs tolix, cable winding tables, seats of recycled car oil tanks, bars that were the front of a truck, old cinema chairs from India, traffic signs reused to make table tops, lamps that are old speakers of factories, seesaws-swing, …

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