Interior Design and Decoration Housing Bellaterra

Interiorism with redistribution of space and decoration

In any interior design project, having space is a great luxury and offers the possibility of imagining multiple distributions. In these cases, an interior design project works different options to find the one that best fits the needs and preferences of the client and at the same time, get the best out of the space.

Our actions in this recently built house have focused on transforming the ground floor into a single space for living room, dining room, kitchen and hall. Distributed by the same furniture, in good part of its own design, the interior space looks out through the large windows and sliding doors that connect it to the outside. Precisely in this connection between the interior and the exterior we have participated with the installation of a motorized armor on the large upper windows to calibrate the entrance of sunlight from the outside. Likewise, we have commissioned the landscaping of a part of the exterior where we have mounted a removable cover with a motorized part, gaining living space for the months of good weather.

We started from a closed kitchen with false ceiling for this and the hall. We also had a central fireplace in the living room that served as a separator with the dining area. Our conception of space as a single open set required us to dispense with all these elements. If we make the journey from the hall, we find a distributor cabinet at two heights that serves as support and storage, in addition to visually dividing the space. With a large window on the right hand side, we have direct access to the whole dining room and living room, behind the furniture, leaving the whole kitchen. The kitchen consists of two large islands with storage and one of them enabled to serve as a daily dining room. In turn, the refrigerator and oven set is embedded in the rear wall that connects the two islands. Over the kitchen we have reinstalled a volume as a false ceiling for the installation of luminaires and air conditioning. The dining room starts from a table of its own design, with a stone top and wooden legs that hide storage space. With the chairs and the luminaries, it is a central set that helps distribute the space and ideal area to meet friends and family. The living room, with three basic pieces, reproduces the same style as the dining table and the rest of the furniture of its own design. From the living room, the impact of the armor with motorized slats on the upper windows is evident. In this way, it is possible to modulate the external lighting impact and add an aesthetic improvement to the entire property. From the outside the facade is marked by the horizontality indicated by the slats. We also find a table in two parts especially designed to make life outside during the months of good weather.

Joan Llongueras and Coblonal Interiorismo have been responsible for the interior design project and the reform of this single-family house.

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