Interior design and decoration for small houses

For maintenance, economic possibilities, availability of urban land or other multiple reasons, nowadays, it is that more and more usual to live small apartments, some of less than 50 square meters.

In Coblonal Interiorismo we have tackled some projects of minimal dimensions and we defend them as spaces where ingenuity and good design are fundamental to conceive the distribution of space and find the keys for a decoration suitable for small dimensions.

We discover, then, in your blog of architecture and interior design some suggestions used in our interior design projects to conceive the interior design and decorate a small house in the best way.

Elimination of corridors

A great solution to gain space and be comfortable in a house of small dimensions is to eliminate the corridors and connect all possible rooms to distribute the space with the furniture itself. In this way, we maximize the sense of space and its use.

Opening diaphanous spaces and without walls of by means, the floors that have few square meters seem bigger and offer better conditions for the welfare of its inhabitants.

Interior design for a small penthouse with large terrace

Retractable spaces or integrated appliances

The volume of household appliances and storage is difficult to reduce, beyond physical minimums. The option we have is to work the visual aspect of these elements in the set. In this sense, it is very appropriate to try to reduce the visual impact of elements such as the microwave, the oven, the refrigerator or the dishwasher. We can also design shelves or other storage elements that are inserted into the kitchen furniture.

Furniture room dividers

Having open spaces requires the use of furniture as a separator of different areas or uses. In the same way we can find furniture that give service to different spaces that arise from their uses. To be able to do this effectively, the custom furniture design is a buan investment that maximizes the uses of the available space. The inclusion of a large storage room in a room can serve at the same time as a diverse storage and, at the same time, as a wardrobe.

Multifunctional furniture dining room Coblonal Interiorismo

Reform and interior design kitchen floor in Grace

Storage under the bed

Often one does not pay attention to the space that is lost under the bed. Most homes have wasted this space, which could be easily taken advantage of using a canapé, or simply, a few drawers. In this way, you can use a space that currently only serves to accumulate dust in a place to store sheets, blankets and even suitcases.

Gain surface through a loft

In some cases, if the height of the ceilings allows it, a loft can be a fantastic space for the bedroom, a small study or simply a space to disconnect. In addition the attics exert a visual and aesthetic aspect of imapcto in the set.

Interior design and housing reform in Sant Cugat

Take advantage of new trends in the bathroom

In the bathroom you can also save a lot of space. In fact, many times it is a room that does not need to be very large to fulfill its function. Certain traditional pieces, such as the bathtub or the bidet, are summarized today in a good shower tray where you can clean yourself, optimizing the space in a better way. If we want to go even further, we can opt for toilets that combine a small sink in the upper part of the toilet, optimizing space and spending water, since the same water used to wash hands is used to evacuate the toilet.

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