Detached Housing Montcada i Reixac

Detached Housing Montcada i Reixac

Interior design and decoration of the reform of a ground floor of a detached house, located in a of the slopes of Collserola, very close to Barcelona.
It was necessary to open the room that the kitchen occupies, not only to cook, but also to have social and family meetings, what we might call “the living kitchen”.

In this house live a marriage with two children who needed decorate the living room and the dining room, and make a modification on the back façade for greater light through the garden.The most important thing for this family was that the interior design of this reform would solve the problem of circulation in the ground floor, not to there is an open space between the kitchen and part of the common areas. This house was out of date in terms of the aesthetic line, as there was a disagreement between the current and modern style of the customers. with the decoration and styling of their home.

We built a multifunctional furniture , and around this central axis gravitate the four main rooms of the ground floor: the kitchen, the hall, the living room and the dining room. As a consequence of the construction of this axis, and with the widening of the opening between balconies of the rear facade, we obtained that the light flowed from the rear façade to the kitchen, much more intensely than before this renovation.

For this interior design project we also updated the chimney that had been outdated, by a gas fireplace, providing a natural fire instant. Finally, as mentioned, it was necessary to open the kitchen, both for cooking and for social and family gatherings: create “the living kitchen”.

The goal at the aesthetic level was to cool down the floor and make it warm at the same time, fusing elegant touches with a timeless style. We preserve the marble floor and the table stand, so that the decoration of this project had some noble element, a harmony when the classical and the modern coexist.

On a dining room wall, a wallpaper with motive, of the mark Elitis; the multifunctional element of the center of the ground floor is made of smoked oak wood to give warmth to the room, looking for dialogue with the dining room table and lamp, made by members of our team, with the same material. The rest of the furniture located on the ground floor, are made with MD lacquered and white textured.

For the decoration of the ground floor hall, a special and unique piece was chosen: a lounge chair CH 07 by Carl Hansen & Son. For the decoration of the ground floor also stands the Miguel Mila TMC model lamp: it has a chrome metallic structure in the upper part and black in the lower part; a white methacrylate screen adjustable in height; and the lamp is turned on and off by pulling lightly on the cable. Our client is a person who loves the blues and the turquoises; so we put “brushstrokes” on the carpet, and two armchairs of those shades.

The modernity of the dining room table contrasts with the feet of the table, again a wink between the classic and the modern in perfect harmony.

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