Ideas to separate and differentiate spaces without losing visual amplitude

The safest thing is that if you are looking for a designer to distribute the rooms of your home be because you do not want to waste the space but at the same time maximize the feeling of space. It is one of the main concerns of houses today. In this post we propose some of the maxims to distribute the interior space of any home so that no space is lost.

To separate and differentiate spaces we have many elements that walk in this direction: custom furniture, kitchen islands, doors or transparent walls. All this will help you distribute your home and not lose visual amplitude. Taking advantage of space should never translate into saturating space.

On what depends the visual amplitude? Basically, the visual amplitude is closely related to the elements in height. If we distribute with elements that do not reach the ceiling and remain at half height, we manage to distribute and maintain the visual amplitude of the space.
small-attic Interior design for a small penthouse with large terrace


Separate spaces with furniture, kitchen islands, doors or transparent walls

For a small apartment with an open kitchen, the situation of a bar or dining table can serve as a distributor element to separate and connect the space of the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, although the three spaces are between them. 4 walls.

The kitchen islands, far from being a luxury for kitchens of large dimensions, are presented as an excellent resource to open the kitchen and replace partitions between the kitchen and the dining room, combining a new multifunctional space on its surface. This is how a cooking island collaborates to expand the visual breadth of space and share functions in the same global space. A table attached to the cooking island can be an ingenious way to change from the kitchen space to the eating space within a large social area in the home.

The transparent walls allow a room without windows to benefit from the light that enters the adjacent room. A fact that increases the well-being of people who are in this room and also expands the feeling of space even if the space is distributed and acoustically isolated.
Interior design and housing reform in Sant Cugat


Distribute spaces with lighting

Apart from separating spaces with physical and tangible elements, lighting plays a fundamental role in separating different areas of a home with lighting . The different lighting scenes end up delimiting spaces and are especially useful in open rooms where different functionalities coexist, such as the aforementioned social area of ​​a house, or the more intimate space formed by the increasingly common set between the bedroom, the bathroom suite and the dressing room. Adequate lighting in a small floor can be a better separator than the use of furniture and walls does not include any physical barrier.
decoration -comedor-Andorra Interior design and integral reform apartment in Andorra


Gain visual amplitude with the distribution of elements in height in its proper measure

Have you entered a friend’s house and had the feeling of overwhelm because all the walls were full of shelves, frames and other elements? It is evident that the excess of decorative elements drastically reduces the perception of visual amplitude . In order to gain amplitude it is essential to decrease the height elements, so furniture at half height that allow passage over or the clear wall to the ceiling is preferable. It should also be remembered that smooth walls do not have to be a problem for any interior design proposal.

In this way, maximizing the sensation of space is related to maintaining the visual amplitude by means of a distribution of space with elements at half height and, failing that, with dividers and transparent doors.

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