Ideas to redecorate and renovate a kitchen

For some time, the kitchen has ceased to be a mere functional room and has become part of the decoration and general style of the home. This evolution has its logic, since the kitchen has been opened and inserted in the social area of ​​the house, where we spend many hours and we have to be comfortable.
In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked in different interior design projects with very diverse kitchens that can serve as inspiration to redecorate and renovate the kitchen of your home. From some of interior design projects, we show you the main ideas for decorating a kitchen.

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Tips for renovating and redecorating a kitchen

Change the predominant color of the room

Color is one of the fastest and most economical ways to update a room. With a simple color change you can give a new look to your kitchen that makes it more attractive. The bold colors are those that make the kitchen of your home unique. It combines the color of the walls with the various accessories of the same, such as bar stools (in the case of open kitchens with bar), vases, kitchen utensils, tiles, etc. We can also cover some tile area that is out of tune with its style or age with pigmented microcement.

Focus on a focal point

The best kitchen decorating ideas start with a focal point. To achieve this focal point try to see your kitchen as a visitor would for the first time. Enter it and think about what you notice. Is it the first thing you see something that you like? If not, what would you prefer to see first? Make that point and the nearest wall your focal point. The focal points visually jump towards the people who visualize them. In comparison to the rest of the kitchen, the focal point is unique and has a strong impact on the whole.

Install an open shelf

The latest trend in kitchen design is the open shelf, without the typical top cabinet. The appearance lightens a kitchen creating a visual space, but requires that you hide all tapers and utensils that are not aesthetic in other storage spaces. In the open shelving includes the minimum elements, those that are better in view of the eyes of the visitor and it is very advisable that they can be cleaned easily or in the dishwasher.

Customize your kitchen

Use the wall of the empty kitchen to include a board with notes or even a blackboard with own notes. You can also include paintings, decorative plates, mirrors, etc. Build an intimate and personal space based on the elements that make up your personality and that of your family.

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Take care of your kitchen lighting

Although many times you do not pay the attention you should, lighting is a very important element in the decoration of a kitchen and any room in general. A well lit kitchen, with lots of light, facilitates the comfort of the users. Dare also to incorporate a lamp that surprise. Why not include a pendant lamp with tears or glass spheres? The answer will depend on the personal style you want to print to the kitchen of your home.

Print a little shine with fruits and plants

Plants always look good in any room. Place them in a corner where you think they can best fit, depending on the space of your kitchen and other conditions such as the distribution of the elements of it. It also includes fresh fruit, such as oranges, that add a touch of color to the kitchen. Its color will contrast with the white of the kitchen, which remains the base color par excellence for many trends that transform the image of the kitchen.
A kitchen is one of the rooms of the home in which we must take special care of interior design, as it is one of the most used and can play a central role in the social area of ​​the house.


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