Ideas to customize a staircase

Any project involving more than one level in a home must include a staircase. The options that we have available to personalize a staircase make it an element that, besides being functional, is aesthetic and can become emblematic either in the distribution as or in the visual impact of the whole.
In Coblonal Interior Design, we have worked in different projects of interior design that incorporate staircases that, in addition to connecting different levels, thus fulfilling their main function, suppose an aesthetic impact on the whole and, at times, accommodate other additional functions, whether they are storage or distributive.
In the following lines, we show you the most popular types and forms of stairs highlighting the potential in terms of additional functions to simple up and down.

Sant Just modern staircase

Decoration and Interior Design apartment in Sant Just

The different types of stairs

  • Straight stairs. A straight stair design is the easiest type of stairway to build, but it is the one that occupies the most and the one that may find it more difficult to integrate into a space. Its linear arrangement offers a great visual impact. In the lower part we can place a bookcase or keep the entrance to any of the rooms if the distribution allows it.
  • Ladder with return. This type of stairs divide the journey of the person on it. Before reaching the ground, they take a full turn of 180 degrees to occupy less space.
  • Ladder with “L” design. In this type of ladder, the user’s route is divided into two sections. When you get to the bottom the ladder makes a 90 degree turn.
  • Ladder with a circular design. This is a ladder that gives a wide curve to allow the user to climb to the top level. Often, it is located on a curved wall.
  • Spiral staircase. Consists of a staircase that revolves around a central post. The most common is a straight central pole with steps radiating from it. There are also helical styles with a curved central support.

Types of stair treads

Stairs can not only be classified by their shape, but also by the type of steps they incorporate. In this sense, these are the different rungs that there are.

      • Stairs with rungs rungs. It is one of the most minimalist expressions that we can find in the area of ​​stairs. In these constructions you can see the steps with a very fine railing or even without any railing, as we can see in our study. The rungs can be embedded in one of the walls or be supported on a central axis, leaving both sides suspended.

Coblonal design stairs

Interior design and reform comprehensive Coblonal Barcelona offices

      • Stairs with solid rungs Whether made of wood, stone or porcelain, depending on the style of the home, a staircase with steps of one material or another is chosen. The most common are the steps of tiles, natural stone or wood, or the combination of them.

Interior design and production of the Azul Acocsa kitchen showroom

      • Continuous steps. We love to use the bent black iron plate by drawing the entire profile of the staircase. This can be supported by a structure that leaves skillful space underneath it or by covering work steps. The option of covering the construction with microcement gives the image of continuity with the solidity of the construction.

Integral reform and duplex interior design in l’Eixample

The choice of shape, the type of step and the materials to be used give us the opportunity to personalize a staircase until a simple element of passage and connection is an emblematic piece of space both for its aesthetic impact and for the possibilities it generates.

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