Ideas to color a children’s room

We tend to associate all spaces for the smallest to certain colors. Pastel colors for the room of a baby or a baby and more striking colors for the period from childhood to adolescence. Blue and pink, but also green or yellow… It seems an unwritten rule, which we have suffered in most cases in our childhood and we should continue to reproduce.
The worst comes when, we think that the color of the wall of a children’s room must enter these inherited color parameters. As if the fundamental aspect to face the decoration of a children’s room was to decide how to paint the walls. We propose to leave the walls a little in peace about the color we are going to use and try to color a children’s room in other ways.
In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked in different interior design projects in which we have been commissioned to design and decorate a children’s room. From our experience, we suggest a series of recommendations to color a child’s room. This article complements others we have written in our architecture and interior design blog about the decoration of children’s rooms .
In this case, we suggest some elements to take into account to color a child’s room while maintaining a neutral color on the walls. In this way we can vary and combine different elements to achieve different effects depending on the time of year or the time without having to repaint or alter the whole.

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The bedding

One of the biggest surfaces that we have in a children’s room is precisely the bedding. It is about making a good choice that, due to its visual impact, will have a resounding effect on space. We recommend thinking of thematic color combinations that form a set with the rest of the elements in play. Also, have different sets contrasted. In this way, we can redecorate with a simple change of sheets.


The paintings are also elements that can help us to give color to a children’s room. And as with the bedding, we can understand the paintings as elements that can vary depending on the occasion and the whole. We recommend you to have different sheets in the same frame and be able to change the images as appropriate. The possibility of putting fabrics or sheets with more color than figure will help us to reinforce the desired effect.

Chairs and lamps

For obvious reasons, chairs or lamps are not subject to change. In any case, we can choose pieces with selected colors that give character to the room. Although it is a children’s room, they are pieces that deserve some attention and to which we can assign a certain budget in order to provide design and uniqueness. In our projects, we try to place pieces that stand out and provide a note of color and distinction.


Carpets are a very popular element in children’s rooms. We know that the blows are habitual, either of toys hitting the ground or of the own children by falls or jumps. The neighbors will appreciate that we have a nice carpet that cushions these impacts. It will also help maintain a warm atmosphere in the cold months. For those who fear dust, allergies and dirt, today there are carpets of a great presence that can be washed in the washing machine without having to take them to the dry cleaners.


The last option that we present to you to give color is the use of wallpaper on some wall, fringe or volume of the room. As we have promised, we do not talk about painting the wall but through the wallpaper we can take advantage of the wall surface to completely transform the wall, either with geometric motifs or pictorial motifs reminiscent of a jungle, trips or adventures.

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