Ideas: a dressing room for each bedroom

The dressing room is a space that gains more and more ground in the projects of architecture and interior design in the residential area. In Coblonal Interior Design , as architects and interior designers, we have been able to confirm this trend in our clients.

The interior design must provide us with our conceptions of space that are translated into new uses and distributions of the styles of life of the moment. Thus, the dressing room stands out as an emerging piece and acquires a new functional and aesthetic dimension. Therefore, today in Coblonal Interiorismo we present you some ideas of dressing to adapt them to your bedroom. Some keys that we have developed throughout our architecture and interior design projects : some ideas solve the distribution of space to unify dressing room, bedroom and bathroom. Others propose solutions of style and aesthetics. We tell you everything below.

Redefining the use of dressing room

The dressing room is a space that has a double function, on the one hand it serves as a place for storage and exhibition of clothing, shoes or toilet elements. On the other, the dressing room acquires a dimension of rest. Thus, the dressing room becomes a space of relaxation and care. An oasis where you can isolate yourself from the world and dedicate time to yourself. In this sense, the shape or distribution of the elements and the decorative scheme serve as support for the function.

Plot or maximize space

Depending on the distribution and the space of the house, the dressing room can be adapted by dividing or opening the bedroom. Enabling space is perhaps one of the most difficult issues to resolve from the point of view of architecture and interior design, since in most cases there is not enough space available to enable a room for the specific use of dressing room, or it is better to maximize the amplitude of the set instead of parcel it. Everything will depend on the specifications of each project.

As an example, in the photo below, we have chosen to divide and separate the bathroom area and the dressing room. In addition, the dressing room connects to a small outdoor patio that we have rescued and landscaped, to turn the whole into an ideal space to relax and take care of yourself in privacy.

 Reform and interior design L’Eixample duplex

Unify through the elements

In most of our interior design proposals, the dressing area combines closed furniture, with bars and open shelves that are located as a point of union between the bathroom area and the bedroom. In this way, a wall or corner can accommodate shelves, mirrors and hangers and convert this area into a dressing room. Through the elements such as furniture, bars and shelves, two rooms originally conceived for different uses are unified.

 Open dressing room in rustic room Baix Emporda

Dressing room open Baix Emporda rustic house

Organizational and decorative scheme

When deciding what to wear, it is important to have a dressing room that offers an inspiring display of clothes and accessories. In this way, the organization acquires an aesthetic dimension, lending support to the use and service of these elements. The key is to find a balance between the organization, the distribution and the aesthetics of the space to obtain a theatrical disposition, as a showcase.

The storage solutions are the main axis when designing a dressing room. In this way, the storage can be closed by comfortable and furniture with drawers, or otherwise, opt for air structures that expose clothes and accessories and become part of the decoration. Another storage solution comes from an element typically used in the kitchen: the islands. Its use is increasingly incorporated into the locker room with interesting results.

 Dressing corner

Dressing corner with central island

As you can see, there are multiple solutions to design a dressing that suits your home. In this sense, it is important to understand what your needs are and thus take them into account to project your ideal dressing. A dressing-oasis of relaxation for your home to become your refuge. And in Coblonal Interiorismo we want to help you achieve it: with our ideas, we imagine spaces and build solutions.

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