How to maximize natural light

In our interior design projects, we always think about how to maximize natural light. Well, we understand natural light as an element and resource capable of completely transforming a home.

It is clear that we cannot convert the first floor into the fifth, tear down the block of flats in front, reorient a house to the South, or open new windows on the façade. Miracles do not exist and we have to deal with certain structural, regulatory, and environmental limitations that we cannot avoid.

Rethink the interior in search of natural light

What we can do is rethink the interior. Often, part of the solution is to relocate the daytime area to the most favorable facade for sunlight. Many of the distributions of yesteryear had the objective of maximizing the number of rooms and that translated into a multitude of partitions and doors connected by dark corridors. Or, on the other hand, they understood the kitchen as an element to be isolated from the rest. Undoubtedly, on many occasions, they raised a questionable use of the surface from our current parameters.

It is precisely by redefining and redistributing spaces that we can find solutions for interiors with poor natural light. By rethinking the interior, we create the opportunity to remove or move walls and elements that prevent light from flowing as much as possible into the home.

Strategic areas to take advantage of natural light

The most common strategy is to act in the day area: living room, dining room, and kitchen. For example, replacing the partitions that separated each of these areas from each other and from the rest of the house with a kitchen island or mid-height furniture that distributes open spaces without blocking light.

Another area of a house where we can act in order to maximize natural light is by integrating the functions of the hall and the corridor in the open distribution. The ideal is that this space of passage can have a function in itself beyond the connection between areas. We can place a work point, a library, or a reading point.

So our best way to maximize natural light is to act in the interior distribution of the house.

What other things can we do to maximize natural light

In a complementary way, we can find other ways that help us make the most of the available natural light.

The first of these is in color. That there is a predominance of light tones favors a greater diffusion of clarity. In this sense, if we are already clear that light is not a strong point in our home, the choice of light tones on walls, flooring, and furniture will broaden the perception of space and clarity. On the contrary, dark tones, however elegant they may be, do not collaborate with the flow of light.

In cases of great complexity, we can resort to a large mirror strategically located to reflect the light from a window. It is especially indicated if, for example, we anticipate that the exterior vegetation will be reflected. In this way, we will gain light as well as depth and we will duplicate a pleasant view.

Reducing the excessive impact of the Sun

Throughout the year, natural light impacts our home differently depending on the position of the sun. In this sense, we will have seen little light during the winter months and enjoy a longer period during the spring and summer months. More so when we combine it with our work routines, activities, and time at home. So far nothing new.

What we do consider important is to maintain a global perspective when making decisions to nuance sunlight. We must contemplate this variation so as not to make decisions that could harm us significantly at certain times of the year. We will have to try to find a balance and propose awnings, curtains, blinds, or pergolas that allow us to maximize natural light when necessary and shade it or even block it when necessary.

Overall, we identify natural light as an essential resource in any home. And in this sense, we believe that redefining the interior of our homes, redistributing key spaces, and eliminating elements blocking natural light are the main ways to maximize it.

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