How to make the most of the installation of a kitchen island

In Coblonal Interior Design we have worked on different projects where the incorporation of a kitchen island has been key to the distributive resolution of housing and has added functions and possibilities before nonexistent.

From some of the kitchen islands that we have incorporated in our interior design projects , we present below interesting tips to get you the maximum match to the installation of a kitchen island.

Distributive tool to expand spaces

The kitchen islands are for us an element that offers formidable distributive possibilities. As we have already commented in some previous posts , paradoxically the cooking islands can serve us to give more space to the kitchen and not as a luxury that always requires large dimensions.

The kitchen islands can be used to eliminate corridors by enabling an open area of ​​passage, to zonify the open kitchen with the living room also hosting a small dining bar. The forms that can adopt are multiple and diverse and in their design are the possibilities that we will present to you next:

Ideas to take advantage of a kitchen island


Interior Design Project and Integral reform of a large appartment in Andorra

Storage space

The design of a kitchen island can be with open shelves to place small appliances to which access is required, with drawers for storing utensils or textiles, with cupboards for glasses, pots and pans or even to place a refrigerated wine cellar. We can also place a hanging structure on top of the island that adds more space to house equipment, as well as facilitate the installation of extractor hoods.

Integral reform and duplex interior design in l’eixample

Use as a work table

The surface of the island can accommodate different uses, from a simple countertop where you can cut and place the food, as a dining area or place the cooking in it. In any case, the kitchen island is an extra surface where the main work of cooking or auxiliary operations such as cutting food, kneading or mixing ingredients.

Space for more appliances

As we have already pointed out, kitchen islands can also be used to incorporate an additional oven, additional stoves or the coffee machine of your dreams. In addition, you can incorporate plugs to add small appliances and large as dishwasher, countertop, etc.

Space for more seats

A kitchen island also gives the room more space to sit. In addition, an island with chairs around it can serve as a table for informal meals. Thanks to the incorporation of this element, you will take better advantage of the space.
kitchen with bar and stools Sarria 2

Interior design and decoration in Sarrià

Leisure space for children

A cooking island is an excellent place for the youngest of the house to entertain themselves preparing snacks when leaving the school, preparing breakfasts and brunches on weekends or simply painting or doing their work while someone prepares dinner.

Point to focus attention

In addition to these practical uses, a cooking island can function as a visual piece of the set that highlights certain aspects of the general style of the kitchen and offers guests an element to focus the view. Take advantage of the character that a kitchen island has to underline your own personality. Use it to show your favorite cookbooks or display your children’s paintings.

Interiorismo Apartamento moderno e industrial in Gràcia

Kitchen islands are a basic element when it comes to designing a large and open space. A key component in a kitchen increase the feeling of space, storage, the ability to prepare food, leisure opportunities, etc.

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