How to integrate a fireplace in the living room?

The fireplace is a key point in the room, a focal element that attracts the attention of the eye and from which the other elements of the room are orchestrated.

A fireplace is much more than a simple fire; It is a piece that allows to live a series of moments characterized by warmth, where the room becomes a burrow. And as always, architecture and interior design are based on facilitating the lifestyle of the people who inhabit the house. Therefore, today in our blog of interior design and architecture in Barcelona we present some keys to integrate the fireplace in the design of the room, both aesthetically and functionally and distributively.

Its impact on the distribution of space

The inclusion of a chimney, in most cases, involves a pivoting of the distribution around it. The fireplace claims prominence as the epicenter of space, and from it the rest of the elements are organized. In our study of interior design and architecture in Barcelona , we have a special preference for the fireplace, as a protagonist element in the design.

We show you some samples of our projects to better explain how to integrate the fireplace in the living room. base to our experience.

The gravitation of the rest of the furniture and elements around the fireplace can be in the following ways:


The fireplace is the center and the furniture is oriented towards the fire. In this case, in the one-story interior design and decoration project in Sant Just in Barcelona , we opted for a a single-sided gas fireplace, which is integrated into the main cabinet under the TV, providing heat instantly.

gas fireplace Coblonal Interiorismo

decoration project and interior design of a flat in Sant Just in Barcelona

Indirect or creating a second environment

The fireplace can also remain in the background as a decorative element and activate its use at convenience with the possibility of creating a second environment. In our interior design project for a rustic house in Baix Empordà , we integrate a vintage-style wall fireplace on a step. In this way, it is possible to establish a second atmosphere and turn red chairs of modernist design to enjoy the fire better while you enjoy reading, a talk or a movie.

 interior design and decoration Emporda Jafre

interior design project of a rustic house in Baix Empordà

Room separation

It is the ideal solution to separate two environments and that you can visualize the fire from both rooms; for this reason they can be used in the center of a room or in the living room, or, if it is a two or three-sided fireplace , embedded in a wall that articulates the passage as a vertex. Both types of chimneys combine with a style of modern decoration being an element with a high aesthetic impact -lower photo-.

 fireplace with interior design Sant Gervasi 2


As general recommendations, when we consider the design or choice of a fireplace model in the living room, it is important to consider the radius of the heat and the uniformity of the heat released. On the other hand, certain objects that surround the fire like television can be damaged, so the location of all the elements is considered as a balanced and technically safe set.

If you want to know which style of fireplace decoration to choose (wall, central or recessed) as well as the type (of bioethanol, biomass or firewood) we tell you everything in this post .

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