How to have stairs with a functional design

The stairs can be protagonists of a space or, in the other end, simply to fulfill his strict functionality of access. Halfway through we have multiple options that combine aesthetics and functionality and not always linked up or down.

Below we add some ideas used in our interior design projects to include stairs with a contemporary and functional design for home or professional spaces.

In another article of this blog of interior design and architecture we already talked a little about the design of stairs for Give it a special role in the house. In today’s article we focus on explaining the keys of the functional design of the stairs.

Make the most of the space

The stairwell is usually an unused space that many times one does not know how to fill properly.
A good solution is to occupy the empty space with something that provides a necessary function for the user. In this sense, you can place in this hollow bookcase to store a collection of books, a mini garden to bring a fresh and organic look to the room, a built-in wardrobe, as one of the most classic solutions, or install a desk to build a mini-office to work.

Escalera librería

Interior Design and Decoration for Attic in Vila Olímpica

Provide added value

The stairs are constructions that serve to facilitate the mobility of the residents of a house from one floor to the other. That is their main function, but they can also provide the user with other uses.
Lighting in the steps can be a good solution. In this way, in addition to illuminating the footprint, a scene of ambient lighting is added to the set.

Escalera iluminada _ Coblonal Interiorismo para Azul Acocsa

Azul Acocsa kitchen showroom in Barcelona

Integrate aesthetic resources

Functional stairs are not synonymous with buildings with little or no aesthetics. A ladder can be simple and strictly comply with its function and also offer spectacular aesthetic performance.
Using glass separators on stairs is a good way to give a construction of this type a modern and light appearance.


Rehabilitation and interior design old housing Baix Empordà

Fit to the environment

In country houses the staircase has to be simple and austere, since the cabin already gives the building a unique air.
A good resource to print the rustic character to the staircase, regardless of the type of floor that we will place, is the railing. Natural wood railing gives a rural feel to the rural home more than interesting.

escaleras rústicas

Can Casi hotel in Regencòs, Baix Empordà

Adapt to the latest trends

A clear example are the minimalist-looking stairs with rungs that offer a light and spectacular appearance that reinforces the message of the environment. Other stairs with a more vintage look could be the counterpoint to the aforementioned example.

Interior design and decoration housing near Sagrada Familia

Secure security

The safety of stairs must be maximized, especially in the case of homes with children.
For greater security, it is convenient to avoid the use of horizontal elements on the stairs, in favor of the vertical ones. In addition, the closed railings are safer, since there is no risk of sliding or falling objects through the gaps. A resistant handrail that offers a good grip is also recommended.

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