How to get good lighting for a commercial space

Lighting is key in a business and directly affects the profitability of it. And is that a good lighting for a commercial space increases the welfare of workers and customers. Especially in the case of stores. And it is that in this type of business good lighting is vital to enhance and value the products .

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked in different interior design projects of commercial premises and in all of them lighting has played a leading role.

Here are a few suggestions for achieving excellent lighting in a commercial space.

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Ideas to light a commercial store

Know the most common types of light in commercial lighting

Commercial lighting is not the same as lighting a home. In these spaces, some types of light are usually used over others. The most common lights in the premises are: incandescent non-halogen, incandescent halogen, fluorescence, metal halide, LED and fiber optics.

To decide between one or another type of light, it will be necessary to take into account different variables such as consumption, performance, whether it is a directional light focused on the products or an ambient light, the time that will be on, the type of product that will light up or if it will turn on and off frequently.

In the stores, it focuses the lighting of the products

If you want to increase the sales of your trade you have to highlight the products you want to sell with good spotlights. The products have to be illuminated both inside the store and in the shop window. In addition, you have to light the counter and the testers (in the case of clothing stores) to guide the customer on the path he has to follow until completing the transaction.

Use directional lighting to better highlight the product

In stores this type of lighting is used to highlight the product on display and to direct the customer’s attention towards it. In this way, the shape and texture of the illuminated objects becomes more evident. In addition, the light reflected on the walls gives the sensation that the objects are shining and in turn reinforces the environment in general. In this type of lighting, the distance between the focus and the object must be taken into account, since invisible rays such as infrared and ultraviolet light can damage the product.

Balances general lighting

When you intend to illuminate in general all the commercial premises one thing you have to keep in mind is that you will have to illuminate, above all, the vertical surfaces and the bottom of the premises. Also, keep in mind the following: if you light the ceiling you will make the store seem higher and if you do the same with the walls you will give more room to the room.

Adjust the color of the lighting in the style of the store

The lights should illuminate with a color in keeping with the decoration of the commercial establishment. To avoid damaging the products exposed to the ultraviolet light of the bulbs, filters are usually used. In addition to the color of the light of the lighting you should bear in mind that the color of the walls and the ceiling influences the intensity of light that you must print on the premises. In this sense, you must be clear that in dark colors more light sources will be necessary for general lighting, but that better results will be obtained in the focused lighting of the products.

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