How to furnish and decorate a guest room and study?

The human being is a social being by nature and demonstrates it in all areas of his life and in his home. Guest rooms are the ultimate expression of this social sense of the human species. A room to welcome family and friends to share time together where there is usually a sofa bed or even a workspace to take advantage of the room when there are no visits.

The usual tendency, in order to make the most of the space, is to make the same space a guest room and study. Well, it makes no sense to waste a space for most of the time if we are not often visited. A solution characterized by the use of space and the search for functionality in every corner.

With this double function, guest room and study, thinking about the furniture and decoration of these spaces is a task worth paying some attention to. Otherwise, it results in a space that accumulates disparate furniture and excessive objects when they are not excessively soulless. That is why we show you below different elements to furnish and decorate a guest room and make it comfortable for the visits you receive and in turn functional.

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Furnish and decorate a guest room and study

We can list a set of furniture elements that can be included in studios that in turn perform the functions of a guest room.

Sofa bed

It is a classic in this type of room. While a study with a bed, is somewhat complicated, a sofa is a not so dissonant element. If we have teamwork, the sofa can be a good place to accommodate a small audience or momentary collaborators. As well as an ideal space to read documentation or rest for a while without leaving the work environment. Similarly, when we receive guests, it can easily be converted into a single or double bed.

Bed nest

With large cushions we can transform a bed into a kind of sofa when it serves as study space. On the other hand, when we receive visitors the comfort for the guests is much greater.

If the visits are habitual, its duration is more than a couple of days and if there are more than one person coming, nest beds are an ideal solution. It is also a recurring option in those homes that want to transform the children’s room into a guest room. That is, if we do not have an extra room we can win an extra bed under the usual bed.

Records, books, drawings, photographs, …

Often, guest rooms are inhospitable spaces that have not been entered in months. If we stay them in our studio, we accommodate them in a more lively space. And is that the studies tend to witness some of our artistic or literary passions and reveal something about us to our guests that is difficult to convey with words. It is an ideal space to browse and browse the things of another without feeling guilty, because they have put you there. As hosts we can take the opportunity to show off elements and acquisitions that are representative and allow us to arouse the curiosity of our guests.

Something green…

There are many plants suitable for indoor and with which we can sleep. Moreover, some of them renew the air precisely at night hours, favoring our rest. Any space is better with a plant or a bouquet of flowers.

Room with an accessible bathroom

The distribution of a home is key. The ideal is to think about all possible uses taking into account the most frequent ones. If we have a service bathroom or bathroom for children in addition to the bathroom suite. This should be easily accessible from the guest room making the functions of a kind of bathroom suite. When we go guest to a foreign house, no matter how much confidence there is, it is a relief to know that you have a bathroom at your disposal.

A desktop

Finally, and how could it be otherwise in response to the dual functionality proposed as a study and guest room, the presence of a desk is essential and can easily contribute to this double functionality. Guest rooms are usually used once or twice a year, while the studio enjoys more regular use. The risk is to turn this room into an improvised storage room where you can leave the ironing board, some boxes, etc.

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How to create a guest room and study?

If you want to bring some more functionality to your visit room, you have different options:

  • Use a chest of drawers with wheels. If you use a chest of drawers to place it under your desk, it can be used as a bedside table when the room welcome your guest.
  • Built-in wardrobes with shelves. If you install a bookcase to place the books in a wall-mounted closet, you will provide more space for the work area itself and the guest’s rest space.
  • Sofa Bed. It is the ideal solution for the whole year if you only receive visits on time and for a few days. While it is a study you will have space to sit and read if the rest of the family is in the living room.
  • Folding desk. Just as there are sofas that become a bed when guests arrive willing to spend one or two nights, there is also the possibility of installing a folding desk in the guest room that does not take up space when they are staying in your home.

With proper decoration, it is possible to decorate a guest room that is functional every day of the year as a studio.

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