How to combine different interior styles

Have you ever thought how our eye and criteria are adapting to novelties that would have seemed an aberration to us a little before? The fusion of two or more decorative styles in a unified and pioneering scheme is tempting and risky at the same time. As if it were a new recipe for fusion cuisine, current trends leave some stylistic scope to try to combine multiple genres and models, and try to offer new and original proposals that can set trends.

But, where should you start? In part, designing and creating a new design is to play with the existing guidelines and punctually break the rules to see what works and what does not. Would you like to combine a rustic aesthetic with contemporary minimalist features? Or maybe you like vintage components with a modern and elegant interior decoration?

In Coblonal Interior Design Studio we have worked in different projects that combine different decorative styles. It is about developing craftsmanship, small details, sensitivity and know-how. We propose some ideas and principles to combine different styles of interior decoration and not crash.

Interior Design Modern and industrial apartment in Gracia quarter

Tips for combining different styles of interior design

Preview the desired environment

A key aspect to using a fusion style is to imagine the atmosphere, atmosphere or aura of your space. This is essential to avoid sticking to the water and determine in advance what kind of elements can enter the game and which ones can not. The fusion is often part of pre-existing elements that for whatever reason we want to conserve and do not just fit. In any case, in this preliminary step we should stay more with the sensations than with the concrete objects or materials.

The use of color

Among these sensations, the mastery of color in interior design is fundamental and is key to fit different decorative styles. Two different interior design styles will fit well in a room if we get a color scheme in some harmony. With a correct use of color, you can combine even two styles that a priori seem antagonistic as a rustic and modern style.

Interior design and decoration project Baix Empordà

Contemplates the pattern and texture

When you combine styles, focus on patterns and textures to link the design. Achieving interior space stylistic cohesion can be done by using similar motifs and textures. For example, you can use traditional wooden furniture and add contemporary wall panels that combine with each other.

Find the balance between the traditional and the modern

One of the simplest ways to combine different styles is to choose a traditional theme and enhance it with a modern tone. A good way to marry different decorative styles in your home is placing traditional style furniture and combining them with colors that denote modernity and contemporaneity.

interiorismo -casa-Emporda

Rehabilitation and interior design project Baix house Empordà

Focus attention on the element that triggers

If you have a piece of furniture that does not look like the rest of the elements in the room, do not try to hide it. It draws attention to the visitor using it as the focal point of your space and builds the rest of the room around it. This is a great way to convert something that would not normally fit into the surprise factor of a stay by giving it an intention.

interiorismo salon comedor Montcada 3

Interior design and integral housing reform in Montcada i Reixac

Get the woods combined

It is surprising how two periods of totally contrasting furniture combine together when they have the same hue or are made with the same wood. Keep the same wood color to fit different styles.

Break the rules

Remember that in creativity and design there is nothing written. What usually works in most spaces often becomes a decorative “rule” (or at least a strong suggestion), but that recommendation may not work in your space. Feel free to break the rules when creating and decorating your home.

Emporda Jafre vaulted kitchen interior design

Integral reform and interior design rustic house in the Baix Empordà

Take care of the details

Sometimes, the final touches can make the difference between success and failure. This implies the addition of accessories and ornaments, which will bring together the character and the particular charisma of the room, while printing a cozy and attractive aesthetic. Since the title can completely change the interpretation of a work, placing a certain piece can give a positive rereading of the whole.

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