How to choose the perfect outdoor floor

In Coblonal Interiorismo , from our experience, we believe that part of the success in everything architecture and interior design project lies in the details.

If the popular saying says that the devil hides in the details, in Coblonal we have learned that this is part of the truth, since the excess or lack of details can turn against or in favor of the long-awaited visual harmony.

And in that sense, outdoor floors play a fundamental role in any interior design architecture project. Your choice depends on many factors and has consequences both architecturally and functionally.

Therefore, if you are going to change the exterior floor of your home, today we give you some tips and tricks so you can choose the floor that best suits what you need. We tell you everything below.

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The importance in choosing the right outdoor flooring

Today there is a wide variety of materials, installation techniques, finishes … and with the latest technical advances have appeared new finishes with unprecedented features that offer strength and durability at a good price.

All these advances allow to cover the great disadvantages to which the outdoor floors must cope, since the climate with the sun or the rain contributes to the deterioration of the materials both aesthetically and functionally and safety.

So, when facing your choice you could ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the soil be the same on the entire exterior surface? Or do I want to adapt the floor to the use of space? (For example, if there is a swimming pool or a picnic area, the floor may be different in the perimeter area)
  • What level of maintenance do I want on the floor? Do I prefer comfort in maintenance versus aesthetics?
  • Do I prefer a natural material? How will the material react and deteriorate with the climate of the area?
  • What is the aesthetic framework in which the floor would be framed? Do I want there to be harmony or contrast?

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Anti-slip and exterior, a winning option

The outdoor flooring is the perfect setting for falls and slips. Days of rain, watering the garden or humidity early in the morning or at night are circumstances that we can not avoid. In this way, we should contemplate a floor with anti-slip features.
An advice? Non-slip floors are more prone to accumulate dirt due to their porosity, so it is recommended to opt for a tone ‘suffered’ as any of the darker gray range.

Land and soil

When thinking about which soil is the most suitable, we recommend taking into account the characteristics of the surface of the soil on which you are going to place it. Because if it is not flat enough and has undulations that can not be corrected, this can contribute to breakage in the event that tiles are installed, for example. A good inspection of the land by a professional who evaluates the necessary conditions of the flooring for the placement of the chosen pavement, will allow to save extra costs.

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Some materials and finishes to choose from

As we mentioned, today there is a wide range to choose from, with advances in both the finish or the benefits.

  • Porcelain: consists of tiles that can be of different formats recreating the appearance of wood, natural stone or cement. This option is positioned as a practical and aesthetic floor of high resistance and low wear.
  • Slate: natural stone is a classic that never goes out of fashion, especially in rustic style homes. Although its installation is not the simplest, this is compensated by the possibilities in the design, since it is possible to find pieces of slate in different sizes, colors and roughness to bring a unique touch to the exterior.
  • Wood: Wood is an elegant option that requires high maintenance, especially according to the weather conditions in the area.
  • Cement: are positioned as a popular option that are versatile, clean, modern and economical.
  • Composites of last generation: This material is made of wood compacted with plastic resins, so it does not offer the disadvantages of natural wood: it does not require so much maintenance and is more resistant to the inclemency of the time.

As you can see, the choice of floor is a strategic decision when designing your outdoor space. Therefore we hope that these tips have served to provide some light on your final decision, and so you can enjoy your home as you deserve.


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