Home Offices: workspaces with home air

In recent years, work spaces have been transformed considerably in search of greater communication, relational horizontality and generation of synergies. In this sense, distributions have proliferated in open spaces, with reserved areas for interaction and exchange and isolated capsules only when privacy is imperative. Transparency is rewarded over the visual block as a necessary basis towards the concept of Home Office.

Recently, the brands themselves, together with the architects and interior designers responsible for building their spaces, are committed to projecting workspaces with the air of a home. It is easy to see a growing introduction of aspects more typical of the home, both in the distribution, the type of furniture, as well as in the materials and finishes.

If, with the opening of the work spaces, the aim was to promote teamwork, communication and creativity among different departments within the same company; With the introduction of the Home Office concept, a more friendly aesthetic impact is sought, both for the worker himself and for the clients. The design of professional furniture, whether offices or stores, has taken on this trend by adapting its products to an air more typical of living than of working. Well, apart from an aesthetic will, the improvement of working conditions ends up translating into a significant increase in productivity.

Goodbye cubicles … hello open and fluid distribution
The walls of the organization, essential once as a symbol of power and limit of the activity of the company, disappear today in the promotion of interconnected, collaborative work, with space for creativity and the exchange of ideas. If our ways of working change, so should the spaces where they develop, encouraging certain practices that improve the day to day of the companies.

A modular distribution of the space, allows this to be modified at the same pace as the workers. Modularity helps us achieve timeless distributive systems that are capable of adapting to different circumstances, even those that are still impossible to foresee. Our projects , whether in the residential area or in the professional field, tend to look for an optimal distributive that meets the client’s needs and the possibilities of space, but also can easily adapt to new circumstances that may arise.

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