Home automation

Technology makes life easier in many aspects. From the use of lenses to the most complex devices. In our workplaces we are already more accustomed to the use of simple home automation installations. Now the time has come to incorporate them into our homes.

The results are double. Home automation is basic to increase comfort on the one hand, and energy savings and safety on the other.

The automation of the processes from the installation of technological innovations in the home makes it possible to increase the efficiency from the energy point of view and, therefore, to obtain a more sustainable housing. Maintain the temperature by regulating the entry of light into the home, turning on or off the weather on a scheduled basis or automating the operation of washing machines and dishwashers during hours of lower consumption.

Apart from sustainability, home automation also increases security in your home. It allows more efficient management of access to the home, alarm systems, fire prevention, etc.

Home automation brings different benefits. Discover them!

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The advantages of home automation

Thanks to the use of technology at home, you can benefit from different advantages such as comfort, energy savings and safety.


The incorporation of voice assistants at very affordable prices in our home – Amazon with Alexa, Google with Home, Apple with Siri– is an easy gateway for home automation to our home.

With them we have an economic interface with which through our cell phone or voice we can turn the weather on or off, turn the lights on or off, play music, program the raising or lowering of blinds, or turning on washing machines and dishwashers at the time that suits us best. Or what is even better programs routines or scenes where different devices act in a certain way when receiving a certain order remotely. For example saying “good morning” or “good night” to one of these devices.

Energy saving

Technological innovations in home automation control can save energy. We can control and program the light on and off, program heating or air conditioning and use other appliances to benefit from the most economical rate.

In addition, controlling the blinds you can better manage the insulation of your home and so you will not waste on air conditioning. In this way, in winter when the sun’s rays no longer warm you can lower the blinds of your home to better preserve the heat. On the contrary, you can program the reduction of the blinds in summers during the hours of more sun in which we are not at home, reducing the heating and the over cost of climate when we get home.

Security enhancement

Domestic technology also increases security in your home. The automation of the blinds can be of great help, but above all we look at the incorporation of the alarm to the routines of the automated home. We can also control video surveillance cameras remotely to control what happens inside your home from anywhere.

Smoke and fire detectors are also part of the technological innovations that increase home security. Older people can also have telecare equipment for a health professional to monitor their health status without leaving home and connect them to the general home automation management device of the house.

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What elements should be included in a home automation system?

A home automation installation should have the following elements:

  1. Lighting control: This system is one of the most demanded at the moment, since it is one of the ones that brings greater benefits from the point of view of energy saving.  
  2. Home automation for air conditioning. It is another of the home automation systems that also provides more benefits from the point of view of saving and controlling heating and air conditioning at home or outside the home.   
  3. Home automation for security. It is increasingly in demand to protect the home from thieves and fires, floods and other types of inclement weather.

Home automation for all budgets

The use of technology in housing is something that years ago was only restricted few people who could afford it. However, today, it is available to everyone. For less than 100 euros we can have a voice assistant that allows us to direct certain actions through the wifi.

Little by little we can acquire devices to control such as Wi-Fi switches or smart appliances. We can incorporate walkways into the weather and later motorize the blinds of our home. It is not necessary to make a large outlay to have a basic home automation kit. For less than 2,000 euros (without the installation costs) it is possible to equip a small urban house with the main elements that turn it into an automated home.

Above, the budget can be what we want. But for a house of certain dimensions, having a budget close to 20,000 euros extra for facilities and elements should be enough to enjoy a wide range of home automation services.

The cost of a home automation system is normally amortized in about four years, thanks, in part, to the energy savings of implementing this technology. This is estimated to reach 25%.

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