Hallway | Ideas guide for a warm welcome

The hall, the big forgotten

The structure of a house forms a path where, in addition to serving the different activities, it offers a reflection-map where the essence of the inhabitants can be perceived. Receiver of the Latin recipere , means in an original way the ability to connect, and to function as a receiving medium. In this sense, since the door of a home opens, it is possible to imagine how and what happens in it.

Therefore, a neglected and incoherent receiver with the rest of the housing strategy, is like a note out of tune in harmony.

The receivers give the first impression-feeling of home and yet they are one of the most forgotten spaces.

A multifunctional welcome

Each house has its own distribution and size, so it is difficult to consider a standard strategy: everything will depend on each case and it will be necessary to study it to get the maximum functionalities. In spite of this, at the moment of projecting a receiver there are a couple of dimensions to be taken into account that affect a receiver that fulfills its daily functions and at the same time serves as a transition between the exterior and the interior.

  • Aesthetics A priori we propose to follow an aesthetic coherent with the rest of the house, as a prelude to what follows. Although depending on the type of interactions that predominate in the space we can opt for a disruptive proposal with the rest of the house in order to preserve privacy or simply surprise.
  • Functional the receiver fulfills the basic function of receiving both the inhabitants themselves and the visitors, in this sense fulfills social, storage and distributive functions.

At an emotional and sensory level, the receiver materializes the transition from the street to the interior of the house; from public life to intimacy. The hall, like the hall, is a space characterized by movement, by the transition, but in which we stop to receive, to take off and hang up our jacket, leave the bag and the keys. In the same way, it gives access to the rest of the house. The first interaction takes place in the hall and should be presented as a space of welcome and promise of wellbeing for inhabitants and visitors. In short, the hall, far from being a space apart from the interests of interior design, is positioned as a multifunctional room characterized by storage, emotional transition and aesthetic promise.

Ideas | Tools for the projection of a hall

  • Light strategy -Although it is difficult to have natural light in the hall, we can choose to place a mirror strategically to rescue the glow of the light input closer. In any case, it is a good place to place a small singular floor lamp that opens the way to the house.
  • With the five senses -At the time of entering a house, the five senses are activated, so nothing better than taking care of them through smells, colors and the feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness.
  • The few meters of the hall can be used with a good dose of ingenuity, leaving nothing to chance and taking advantage of every millimeter combining design and functionality.
  • The Personality of the hall will function as a prelude to the rest of the house, including determining the functions to be included. For example, if it is a small study, it is most likely that this space will be needed for storage, without incurring visual saturation. For this, it is necessary to rethink the space to offer customized storage solutions.
  • The details – an original piece like an antique or a piece of art can be an emblematic element that characterizes the hall.
  • Altering the perception to expand narrow spaces by means of a trompe l’oeil or the use of mirrors that reflect the light and expand the space or carpets that zoning the space without subtracting square meters

In short, we believe that the receiver is a forgotten but fundamental actor in the distribution of any home. In addition to the basic functions of storage and reception, the hall functions as a distributor space between the day area and the night area. As a key piece to solve the new distribution of any comprehensive interior design project.

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