Fashionable colors to renovate a house

The Pantone Color Institute, the consultant that is behind the “Color of the Year” has chosen the colors that are going to be worn in interior decoration in 2019.
In Coblonal Interiorismo , we follow the latest trends in interior design and you can see it in the different projects in which we have worked.
And is that color plays a very important role in home decoration. We explain it to you in the following lines.

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The role that color plays in interior design

Color is an international language understood by all, so when you try to communicate or transmit something through interior design, there is no better way to do it than through color. To do this, you need to understand how colors behave, how colors change their character and how they influence your mood.
All colors change their characteristics when the brightness and saturation are modified, so it is not enough to choose a color for a certain element of interior design, but you have to choose the key. Light colors are aired and, as a general rule, make the rooms look larger. The dark colors are sophisticated and warm and make the rooms feel more intimate.
After this brief introduction to color indoors, we discover, below, what are the most outstanding colors among those selected by the Pantone Institute for the year 2019.

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The fashionable colors of 2019 in interior design

The tonalities that this Institute has selected for the coming season are a tribute to miscegenation, multiculturalism, land and nature.

The list formed by the seven most outstanding colors. They are terracotta, cadmium yellow, linen, ginger, barn red, dazzling blue and raisins.
The color linen is a color that is usually used in bathrooms and other surfaces such as sinks.
The red barn, on the other hand, is used in wider spaces and combines with details that have contrasted colors.
Terracotta is a color used in tiles and floors.
Blue dazzling is a very suitable shade for bedrooms, those spaces where the main function is to sleep. Since blue has relaxing properties.
Cadmium yellow is part of warm colors and, unlike blues and cold colors, these activate the body. They are more suitable for use in dining rooms.
The color ginger is a shade used in interior decoration for walls. It allows to create comfortable and relaxing spaces and offers the possibility of many combinations.
The color raisins, suitable for carpets and furniture and wood coatings on walls and ceiling, makes the rooms seem narrower. Invite the recollection.

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The Pantone Institute, more than 50 years inspiring color

The Pantone Institute is a company founded in 1962 by Lawrence Herbert, a person who a year later created the first chromatic identification system.
Pantone’s guides are acquired by interior designers, artists and graphic designers to enable their clients to use the different colors in their creations.
Since 2000, the Pantone Institute has established “the color of the year”. In the 2017 and 2018 editions, the colors highlighted by this organization were the Greenery and the ultraviolet, respectively.

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