Exempt bathtubs

The exempt bathtubs represent, increasingly, a very coveted object in the bathrooms. Well, these become the centerpiece, a whim around which the rest of the elements pivot.

There is a wide range of shapes and styles in this type of bathtubs. This variety will allow you to play and create a modern or classic style bathroom, among others.

Interior Design Project Casa Decor 2011 Barcelona

The advantages of exempt bathtubs

More comfort and ease in installation

One of the biggest advantages of exempt bathtubs is the ease of installation. You just have to know the model, to calculate the space and locate the drain at the exact point.

In the same way, its symmetrical and minimalist designs facilitate the process of planning and decorating the bathroom, thanks to its versatility and ability to fit in all types of bathrooms, from the most classic to the most modern.

Original designs

One of the characteristics of this type of bathtubs is that they are very decorative. There are an infinite number of different designs that allow, together with the decoration and colors chosen for the walls and floor of the bathroom, to achieve a very defined and customizable style in this room.

Thanks to their unique designs, they add character and personality to your bathroom, allowing you to add a touch of luxury, elegance and sophistication to it.

ducha y bañera sala de baño Casa Decor 2007
Exempt bathub part plus shower tray for Casa Decor 2007

Types of exempt bathtubs

Apart from very peculiar designs, exempt bathtubs can be distinguished according to the following categories:

Bathtubs with legs

Bathtubs with legs represent a classic in bathroom decoration. These are a gap between the most iconic accessories in classic and avant-garde decoration. They are elegant and combine with both a more classic and modern style.

The biggest advantages of bathtubs with legs are, first of all, their versatility: These can be installed anywhere in your bathroom and fit with virtually any decorative style you choose for your bathroom.

Also, the bathtubs with legs facilitate our cleaning task, both of the bathroom floor and of the bathtub itself.

Bathtubs with legs now have the advantage of maintaining a classic style, but with the comfort and advantage of a modern bathtub: More durable and easy to clean materials and more variety in their complements and finishes.

Old bathtubs

If what you want is to give a vintage look to your stay, you can bet on a more classic style bathtub, with more baroque finishes and even made with materials such as brass, which evokes the old tubs.

Brass bathtubs are usually composed of a relationship between copper and zinc, which is an excellent thermal conductor.

However, this material can remain very cold, resulting in something unpleasant on occasion. This is why, today, you can bet on other versions that integrate other materials inside, such as some acrylic material with a finish that mimics the metallic effect.

You can also opt for porcelain bathtubs, or add a classic style faucet to your bathtub if you want to get that vintage touch for your bathroom.

Modern bathtubs

Finally, you can opt for a more modern style for your bathtub, playing with accessories, colors and even shapes.

Thus, for example, there are exempt bathtubs with very different shapes, such as oval or rectangular.

Also, the print and / or color will also allow you to give a more modern touch to your bathroom using an exempt bathtub. There are bathtubs exempt from very different colors, from black to even red.

There are also some patterned bathtubs, such as those of marble type, or that incorporate elements such as stairs or lights.

Whatever the choice, an exempt bathtub is meant to be the center of attention of any bathroom.

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