Essential elements to build an ideal bedroom for rest

Times change and with it, spaces. And, nowadays, in the face of the stress of daily life, the search for spaces to rediscover and recover a certain vital harmony gains ground. The new currents of interior design take good account of it looking for formulas to distribute spaces that serve this new vital current. The best example could be an ideal bedroom for rest.

In this sense, in Coblonal Interior Design Studio we conceive interior design as an element where the only constant is change. A change that needs investigation, questions and a lot of trial and error, the result? Spaces that flow with the life of the people who inhabit it. The configuration of the bedroom, by its uses, is an interesting element to analyze the new paths it can take in this line of reunion with its own intimacy.

Thus, the dorm is the space of the house dedicated to oneself and to rest. The burrow where to gather to relax, sleep and disconnect. Although, increasingly, this room adapts to the new architectural and interior design concept, where spaces open and change into a new place with functionalities that adapt to the current way of life.

But what essential elements can build a bedroom that serves the vital functions and needs? In today’s post we will try to open a line of analysis and learning about what elements are essential, regardless of aesthetics or decoration.

A bedroom with the five senses

As we perceive the world with the five senses, we also perceive spaces. So a bedroom that provides harmony in all dimensions (light, visual order, temperature … etc.) With many probabilities will serve the main function; get a bedroom space suitable for rest that flows with the needs of the people who inhabit it and adapt to changes in pace.

Primary elements in a bedroom

As with colors, a good strategy to start with may be to try to find the primary elements of every bedroom and then look for new opportunities, as well as complementary combinations with interesting results. Bed, table, headboard, dressing room, bathroom suite would be the primary elements that allow mergers and combinations with each other, as well as the inclusion of other elements that affect its transformation and the achievement of an optimal result.


Hierarchical and fluid distribution

The paradox recently sought by interior design is to achieve a fluid hierarchy, where from a central element a distribution is built, in turn open to changes. In few spaces the hierarchy of the elements is as marked as in the bedrooms. As it could not be otherwise, the bed is the central axis, since functionally and conceptually is the very essence of the bedroom.

  • If the bed is the head, the head is the crown. A support that separates the bed from the wall and gives comfort as a backrest. Although the reference measure is 130 cm, we can find different measures, finishes and types of construction. Integrate in the same piece of furniture, the headboard, the bedside tables including an upper shelf is a resource that offers a compact appearance to the bed set reducing the sensation of dispersion in space.
  • The ergonomics of a good mattress, a set of pillows, as well as the appropriate dimensions of the bed are essential beyond any finish or decorative element. Aesthetics without function does not help much. The comfort and excellence that serve health and quality of life should be the basis of any interior design project.
  • Bedding, both for its design and the quality of its fabric, is essential. Simply the large surface that covers is determinant. A quality bedding and adapted to the tastes of the person, can completely transform a bedroom


Planned distribution

Measuring the spaces to flow with the movements is another interesting factor. Keeping in mind the movements, the steps, the comfort distances is essential for a bedroom to be an ideal space for rest. Maybe we would like to have an extra length bed but for this we can not lose access to a minimum access to the bed. We enable a dressing room but will we have enough freedom of movement or will it be a wardrobe with access? There are many elements on paper that in practice are not optimal for rest.


Storage to harmonize

In matters of storage, often it is not about having more, but better. For this it is essential to study corners, and contemplate the possibility of designing custom furniture to add storage adapted to the needs of its users, which translates into order and visual cleanliness … which in turn leads to tranquility, too, inside.

Build the personality based on the details

And here could be the most personal accent, where to give wings to the most wild creativity. A distinctive element such as a piece of art, a decontextualized object … are the personal signature that can round off the project. In Coblonal we like to know the person to characterize and personalize the space with some artistic or design element that identifies its users and make that of the bedroom, in this case, a unique and unique space in keeping with the personality and tastes of who will occupy it.


Lighting, a painting bath for emotions

Well thought-out lighting is the key to creating different environments and, therefore, new possibilities of using a bedroom that becomes dynamic thanks to the different lighting situations.

The new functionalities offered by the bedroom have to be accompanied by a light that enhances the warmth of the room. And in Coblonal Interior Design Studio , as architects and interior designers, we know the importance of good lighting. In each project we get involved to study light, both natural and artificial and thus make light an organic element that is involved in each design.

The light accompanies the materials and colors to enhance and soften them at the same time. This effect can be achieved through lighting with elements such as reading lamps, bedside or environmental lights and overhead lamps. The important thing is to have different scenes and intensities to modulate the lighting effect according to the time of day and the entrance of natural light.

The windows, like points of light also determine the situation of elements such as the bed, the desk or the dressing room, depending on the priorities, uses and preferences.

To take full advantage of natural light, it is best to opt for light colors on the walls, furniture and bedding. Colors like beige, gray, white, cream … are ideal. In the same way, natural light woods open the way for light to flow unimpeded. For its part, the fabric of the curtains is very important to illuminate the bedroom. The best choice is a natural light fiber textile.

The strategy of light or study of light includes the unblocking of natural light and the zoning/distribution of artificial light.

Temperature, the icing on the cake

All the details count, and in this sense, investing in a good heating system, air conditioning or overhead fan is the ultimate invitation to enjoy the elements described above.

In short, trying to find new questions, paradigms or guides in interior design, we could summarize the following:

  • Caring for the five senses through interior design is key
  • Quality and comfort as technical objectives to serve vital harmony
  • The risk is in the details
  • In a homogeneous framework of interior design, where currents are common, the commitment to personalization is found in elements of art or design that encourage identification.
  • The study of the function, and uses with an initial briefing can merge the bedroom with other rooms such as the dressing room or the office
  • A good starting point as a base in the bedroom is the Nordic inspiration, with simple lines and high-quality noble materials.

In short, the more answers we find, the more questions arise. And on the path of exploration we will meet. We will continue diving … to imagine spaces that are built on ideas.


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