Elegant apartment in Casa Burés

Elegant apartment in Casa Burés

We present the result of our work for this elegant apartment in Casa Burés. We have been in charge of designing and producing all the interior design, from certain custom furniture items, such as the set of design, art and decoration pieces that dress this luxurious apartment.

The Burés House is a unique building, representative of the Modernism of the early twentieth century, located in the dreta de l’Eixample in Barcelona and the work of Francesc Berenguer i Mestre. Recently, it has been completely renovated and one of the owners of the estate’s luxury apartments has called us to take care of the interior design of a couple of them.

Being lucky to live in one of the emblematic buildings of modernism in the city of Barcelona is not available to many.

This apartment has two double bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one of them en suite with the main bedroom, and a large living room with an open kitchen that opens onto a delicious representative interior gallery of Barcelona’s Eixample.

The apartment is nourished by a set of pieces that try to extol the strong points that the estate itself has, such as the hydraulic pavement and the high ceilings with floral moldings.

As for the chromatism, the tones of the hydraulic pavement, as well as the gray of the furniture and the tone of the parquet and the carpentry of the window determined the chromatic choice of our proposal. A two-section sofa in gray acts as a chromatic couple to the kitchen module and it is placed on a large white polyamide carpet. On it, we place a square coffee table, as well as a support table that provides a second height serving whether you are sitting on the sofa or in the armchair reading a book. An item of low furniture completes the set of being together with an iconic reading corner formed by a spectacular Gilda armchair under a Flamingo lamp.

A large black dining table combined with elegant chairs that combine wood and rope giving a sophisticated and colonial touch to the couple. A pendant lamp in gold offers direct light on the table getting an ornamental aspect regardless of its strict light function.

Different pieces of art found here and there are distributed in the house, such as the two works of Miquel Torner de Senir that we can find in the living room or the painting of Ortuño in the suite or Subirats in the other bedroom. As well as numerous plants and vases that give life to a space that due to its large dimensions could give a cold and not very cozy appearance.

The gallery becomes a curious space since it exposes you to the rest of the houses and connects you with the outside even if you stay inside. While the living area is in privacy, the gallery partially opens to the outside being a perfect space to “get out” and move away from the living room environment. An armchair with a colonial-style footrest that combines the toasted tone of the wood and the orange of the cushion, proposes a new and seductive corner where you can sit and enjoy a good reading while the sunset sun enters through the windows.

Either from the living room or through the gallery we access the master bedroom that has exclusive access to a full bathroom. Highlights the blue headboard in combination with the bedding. The bedside tables, the chest of drawers and the closet have been designed and produced by Coblonal in oak wood and black iron sheet exclusively for this house. The bedside lamp continues in continuity with the white balloons present in other rooms. A large wooden armchair and grid gives lightness to the whole and a certain feminine air regarding the aesthetic effect in addition to the functional support.

The other bedroom, smaller in size, uses mustard yellow as a reference color in the headboard and the bedding giving a warmer tone to the whole, which enjoys less natural light, and highlighting the toasted oak color of the closet and chest of drawers designed and produced by Coblonal. As in the dining room, we place a wall lamp and in black, providing two differentiated beams of light on the headboard. A floor lamp is located on the other side of the bedside table in terrazzo and iron.

In the hall and hallway, we find both a mirror, as a shelf and hanger designed to measure and produced by Coblonal. A wall lamp inspired by the shapes of the grapes hanging from the cluster gives a touch of delicacy to the whole in line with the stately but modern air of the apartment.

Overall, our aesthetic proposal has sought to dress the house in conjunction with the previous construction elements, offering an elegant and at the same time lived environment to enjoy the experience of living in an emblematic estate of modernism.

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