Discover how to decorate a children’s room

The arrival of a baby transforms the life of couples and their stays. Where once was the room of the entanglements, with junk and lots of knickknacks everywhere, now it sports a sweet children’s room.

Parents want their children to sleep in a safe room without toxins and to have a fun, suggestive and organized stay.

In many of the residential interior design projects that Coblonal Interiorismo has developed and executed, the interior design of the rooms and Children’s spaces have been obeto of a special attention. From our experience, we give you some tips to decorate the room of your children in our blog.


Keys to decorate a children’s room

From the perspective of interior architecture we can identify four main elements that must be addressed to decorate a room for children in a satisfactory manner.


  • Natural lighting. Children will spend many hours in their room. Sleeping, playing and, later, studying. This is why it is best to use a room with a good natural light to make life more comfortable for children at home.

  • Differentiated spaces. Childhood is a period of learning and children’s rooms have to promote it also from the decoration. The experts suggest to separate the room by colors to delimit the zones of the different activities that will be carried out in it: play, rest and study-read.

  • Soft colors. To enhance the child’s rest, the most suitable for a child’s room is to paint the walls white or pastel, as they bring more serenity to the environment. Colors have a close relationship with emotions, so a good choice of color will help generate a good atmosphere in children’s bedrooms.

  • Characters or reasons that they like. So that the little ones can identify with the space and feel it theirs instantly, we can resort to placing motifs or characters that they like and facilitate their identification with the space. That is why we are always interested in knowing the tastes and passions of the children who will occupy them in order to design and build a cozy and pleasant space for the child.

children's room figure

Decorative objects in children’s rooms

In a recent article published in this blog about decoration of children’s rooms , defended the use of decorative objects in them.

We proposed to color the room by placing decorative objects. These can be toys with a good aesthetic appearance but also other elements that can help add a motif to the whole room. Soft base with color motives that give identity to the space, to the children’s rooms.

The decorative objects in these rooms color them and help to personalize the decoration as the child grows.

With the use of these decorative elements parents give the opportunity to their children to decorate, little by little, their room with their own tastes.

Also, whenever possible, we can use decorative objects that can be used later to decorate other corners of your home. Reuse the decorative elements of any room and, especially, those of the child’s room.

 child bedroom decoration Sant Just

The most special rooms

Our work as interior designers gives us the opportunity to design and create spaces that will be the scene of our clients’ lives. From this perspective, we are especially excited to dedicate our effort to think for the little ones their particular space. Although the whole house will also be your environment, your room will have a specific impact on your memories and growth. Precisely for this reason, we always try to propose designs that resist in good conditions the passage of time and can easily make the transition from infantile to juvenile room.

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